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Lady Lee, Princess C and friends go 'dogging'- a Mana TR

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12 hours ago, Atravelynn said:

You have really veered off track with the sash suggestion.  But I must admit the concept is rather intriguing!  I'm thinking either basic khaki or maybe a leopard print, perhaps coordinated with gaiters when on a walking safari.  The possibilities are endless.


With sashes, not really off track @Atravelynn. I agree on colour scheme for the sashes, Khaki for day time and the leopard print for evening wear.  a plan in the making................;).  Regarding gaiters....personally I prefer the idea of sox suspenders. but each to their own style.:lol:


Anyway..... I must stop being frivolous and get back to the serious stuff fo Trip Report writing..........................or the powers that be will tell me off!



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The camp set up


I had assumed we would be at Mucheni as usual but in fact we were to be at Old Ndungu a little further west and not far from Vine camp ( I think Vive is now called something very posh now)




The operator that set up the camps and provided all our meals was Classic Africa Safaris.




The tents were spacious; with most of us, apart from Ann and Sue, using them on a single basis. All had twin beds with bathroom attached and flushing toilet. The tents were set up back from the rivers edge, under the shade of large trees. I kept finding sausage tree flowers on my bathroom floor, which I threw over the bathroom 'wall' to help the hungry impala that came through the camp at night :) 


A jug of warm water was provided every morning for a quick wash and hot water provided for our showers, either around lunch time or early evening after our evening drive.






The food was absolutely amazing and beautifully presented. The catering was led by Megan who is an independent caterer and I think Doug will be employing her again for some other safaris.


We were provided with an early breakfeast each day , comprising of cereals, yoghurt adorned with fresh fruit, toast, jams and peanut butter and tea and coffee. We had a brunch on return to camp after the morning activities sitting in a shady area under the trees near the kitchen area. In the evening we had pre dinner drinks around the fire and the table was moved nearer to the river for dinner.. Doug used a red spotlight to see what walked by in the river bed.


Note the elephant wandering through at the back..............








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@wilddog Thanks for the camp description, it's always nice to have an idea of what the accommodations will be like along with the animal sightings!

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First Full day in Mana 30th September.


We made an early start as usual.














We then headed further south into the hinterland.


Our mission this morning would be cheetah tracking.


Having parked the vehicle we walked across the open terrain. Doug found tracks of two cheetah so we followed them. In addition I spotted fresh male lion tracks at the tree line adjacent to where we had parked.


It is always fascinating following a tracker and on occasion, we also spotted where the cheetah had changed course, and could help. Always a good feeling. This was to be quite a lengthy but fascinating walk as we crossed to the northern tree line.

There we stopped for a drink and a rest, as the heat of the day was increasing rapidly.


It was clear at this point that the two cheetah were not around or if they were they were hiding on the trees. We headed off back to the car taking a slightly different route, and again, found lion tracks.



Thanks Sue for the photograph of Doug tracking



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I remember our first morning. Wake up call at 4.30, breakfast at five and we left camp at 5.30. It was pleasantly cool, but unfortunately it didn’t take long for temperatures to start rising! 
Amanda, Sue and myself have little experience of tracking, the opportunities we had to watch and learn on this trip were enjoyable and something we have since reminisced about..


We didn’t find the cheetah, but did see a number of animals and birds from the vehicle. With such dry conditions it is surprising that they looked as good as this.




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After a lovely brunch and siesta time we went out for an evening drive. Having had considerable exercise in the morning we were not planning on any major treks through the bush.


We saw a lot of plains game and saw how the feeding programme seemed to be well received. One species I did not see this time wsa Nyala, which I have seen pretty regularly in Mana in the past.





























We returned to see the carcass which was decidedly worse for wear. The lions were not in residence and this allowed us to have a closer examination.









We then headed up to Long Pool for sundowners. The pool was definitely lower than I had previously seen and of course a few weeks later it would be almost non existent.


The far bank was covered in crocodiles and there were some on our side fairly close by













@Seniortraveller please do add any pictures and details you may have. I know you took some notes.. ;)


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