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Little Kwara and Sandibe - Okavango Delta, Botswana


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I'm not the king of sharpness or very technically bent, and I've never really thought to care too much* (unless I'm posting for critique in which case it' seems a bit rude not to do your best to make sure others are seeing as close as possible to what you see) but yes to what Russell said. I have found that processing at full size and even a quick and dirty sharpening after downsizing will help to make the problem rare enough that I less frequently feel the urge to post all my gear on eBay in despair.


If you want to get anal (sorry, you are a digital photographer and you are throwing out techs like that, of course you do!!) try some of the sharpening actions specially written for this purpose. But if you haven't used them before, follow instructions carefully and weaken to taste or results may be a bit bizarre.


Flickr generally seems a bit problematic, but I have never used it and the number of complaints may just be because of the number of users.


And as a considerable consolation, most of us are probably looking at trip reports on high contrast screens and in those conditions I can guarantee your uploaded to ST photo actually looks right as-is.





* Am I rather cool, rather lazy or a bit of a liar.... ?

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great pictures, so you had a wonderfull time.


was it the green season,where orices reduced much?

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great pictures, so you had a wonderfull time.


was it the green season,where orices reduced much?

Thanks for commenting on the pix, and yes, we had a wonderful time. The Okavango Delta is hard to beat.


As for prices and green season, I have to admit I don't know how the prices compared with other times of year. Sorry.

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