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Seabird Get Together - Northumberland, UK - Spring 2014

Safari Cal

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Just got back yesterday. It was great meeting up with everyone and I had a good time despite the weather on the Saturday. The rest of the week was very pleasant, apart from Wednesday when it rained all day. I did manage to get back to Inner Farne on Monday in the wonderful sunshine, but didn't take many photos as I had all three boys with me. Niyam was more scared during his one hour on Inner Farne than during his 4 weeks in Tanzania - because of the pecking Arctic terns!


Lots of great photos already here - before I add any, I will finish my previous trip report as a priority :)

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There's a Scottish bloke over there and he's got a lens this long, honestly.  

Great to meet everyone, glad you're all home safely (especially Master Pai Mei - err I mean Ian!) Just a shame that God, err I mean John, didn't sort out the sunshine on Saturday like he did on Sunda

Romantic meal for two!  

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Lovely to see you again! @@africapurohit? Thanks for the kind words @@Soukous! The red squirrels performed so well for us on Sunday! :)

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Safari Cal

For anyone heading to the Farne Islands in Northumberland soon I thought I'd let you know that things are starting to get busy now.


The best time to go will probably be in around 4 - 5 weeks when there should be hatchlings around and a Terns still on eggs. I was here a couple of weeks ago and thee Guillemots, Razorbills, Kittiwakes and Shags were starting to lay eggs, although some nest building of epic proportions was still going on.


The Arctic Terns had still to arrive, but the other birds were all there in force.


Here's a few shots from the trip.






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Thanks for the update @@Safari Cal


you appear to have some colour balance issues. Your second and third photos look very blue.

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Safari Cal



They're straight out of the camera with 'as shot' setting. The others have been w/b adjusted as I posted them online already.

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