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Flying from an airport that is in car driving distance from Ljubljana adds to cost reduction. And flight schedules between LJU and FRA would require an additional night in Frankfurt - so no extra days for us. On top of this, exiting the plane and entering the car is not my preferred way how to start a relaxed trip!


For our next visit I will look at Condor; they do have more affordable direct flights, and they do start from Ljubljana (with a code sharing airliner). That will also remove the need to spend a few days in Vienna to obtain SA visa - but my wife likes Vienna so ...


Thank you for reading my (our) trip report! Another month and we will be in Kgalagadi enjoying it one more time :D .

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Dear Xelas,


Enjoy Kgalagadi and the Kalahari. Last October we have rented from Kalahari 4x4 in Upington, and service is highly recommended at very affordable prices. Once again enjoy that piece of heaven!


Happy traveling.



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Thank you for your wishes. Our rental car outfitter is also Kalahari 4x4; nice to hear they are a reliable company. A trip report will be posted in SA forum, stay tuned!

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Superb TR - really enjoyed it and the photos were fantastic!! Particularly enjoyed the landscapes and the sunsets/sunrises would make anyone immediately book a trip to Namibia or KTP. However, would agree with the other comments which said that you really must find a photo competition to submit the one of the African Wild Cat with the Snake - that one was truly outstanding!!


Really not sure how you managed to survive in KTP with just the rice&cans!! I suspect 'mutiny' would be the least of my concerns if I tried that one! :)


Later this year - we have already booked a trip similar to this - but we do it in the reverse order - so we go from Windhoek to KTP then the Dunes before heading back to Windhoek. We were already looking forward to this trip - but your TR has given us many helpful tips and photographic ideas and it looks like further practice using the braai this summer would be a very good idea! :D


Thanks again for sharing - now I must find your recent TR on KTP!

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Thank you for showing your interest in our TR. The attention that the AWC with a snake photo gets on this forum is just good enough for both of us :D .

My wife is living with me for over 30 years ... she knows my "food habits" too well :wacko: .

You will have an outstanding trip; I am looking forward to read your TR.

The one from KTP is to be found in the South Africa section: http://safaritalk.net/topic/15871-kgalagadi-2016-a-lion-a-day-keeps-a-doctor-awake/page-1

As every good sequel, also this one is longer than the previous ones :) .

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