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Bush dog

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@@Bush dog thank you for this report. Beautiful photos. I am always unsure about whether or not I want to visit Namibia. Your stunning images are very convincing despite the trouble you had with some aspects of the trip.

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The elephants and kudu appear to have been relatively abundant, and certainly very obliging as far as photography goes!

I am glad you said something to the driver of that other vehicle.


A very enjoyable report, thank you for allowing us to follow along.

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One of the most interesting and useful trip reports that I have read about Namibia anywhere, thanks for putting all this together, @@Bush dog (Mike)! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, as always and the aerials taken from the helicopter are just drop-dead beautiful. It is really interesting to see your perspective when comparing Namibia to other destinations that you have visited numerous times. Enjoyed this report very much and I am sure that I will be coming back to it for both reference purposes or just for pure pleasure for the eye and mind.

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It may not have been your ideal trip, but you may have encouraged many others to see if it is their ideal trip with all these wonderful photos.


Seems like all the waterholes were hoppin' for you.


The carbon copy kudu heads at Klein Namutoni. Those closeups of the baby ele at Chudob make me think you were intermingled with the herd.

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Dave Williams

That's an excellent trip report and a dose of reality for me as a first time self driver on an African safari.

I can understand your frustrations where things went wrong but I have to say, I'll be happy to see the sights you did and no more but there I'm at an advantage as I have nothing much else to compere with other than a short 3 day trip to Tsavo East and West in Kenya. I also notice that birds don't feature too highly in your report whereas I will be just as happy to see them as mammals.

Thanks for taking the time to share. Dave.

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