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Searching for mammals in the Dzanga-Sangha Rainforest, CAR (July 2015)

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Nice to hear how you did after. Great job with the Anomalure photo - really wish I had gotten something similar! They really are fabulous animals. I'm really impressed with the Hippo too; they're really tough in this part of Africa - they see really heavy poaching pressure in many areas and are naturally rare in the Congo basin forests due to the absence of grass in many areas (there is a small number of them close to Bayanga near the Old Logging mill). I'd love to see DRC, particularly Kokolopori someday.


The night walks can be hit or miss and Rod told me that getting 1 species/night is a good walk; it's just tough to spot stuff in the dense forest. On my first night, I only got a poor look at a Potto in 2+ hours; on the second, a great view of an Elegant Needle-clawed Galago in 1.5 hours. I missed Thomas's Galago, African Palm Civet (both of which are very likely), Emin's Giant Rat, and Hammer Bat (less likely).


Not sure what I'll be doing next (really nothing for another couple years), but Tibet (Qinghai), North Queensland, Mongolia, Gabon, Tswalu (South Africa), Zakouma (Chad), and pending further developments, Gambella (Ethiopia) are all high on the list, most based on mammals present. All of these are tough to organize and hard to get to though (except Tswalu and N Queensland of course).

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Fascinating TR!!!!

An amazing destination!

Unfortunately, there are again some troubles at Bangui...

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Morkel Erasmus

I'd love to see this place someday!! Great report, well done on taking the risk of going there...

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The only thing keeping me from visiting the Central African Republic is those troubling trip advisories. Is it anymore expensive to visit than Northern Botswana, or Tanzania after the major increase in the VAT? I don't think that anywhere in Africa could be more awesome to visit.

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So much to be wowed about here. I'll start with the pangolin.


You had lots of forest eles and buffalo on p. 1. You probably could have done without the mother and calf while walking in the forest.


What an exciting report! Looking forward to the rest.

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