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First Safari: South Africa


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"I am not generally a mystical person. And yet these moments with these leopards -- the obvious love between them, the Sistine Chapel-like reach and touch between the parent and child -- convinced me more deeply than anything else might have that the love between me and my father was not stopped at death's door and that I carry my father with me wherever I go. To whatever force allowed me to witness those two leopards at that time, I am profoundly grateful."


Profound is the word. What a profound ending you have shared.


That leopard cub and interaction is unheard of. Truly beautiful Your slice of life in the lion family was too.


Thank you for this very meaningful contribution.

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Tom Kellie

@@Tom Kellie Thanks! I think it'll be worth the wait.


I'm keeping my eye out for your Leopard Hills experience -- I haven't missed it, have I? Looking forward to hearing what you think about the area.


~ @@hannahcat


No, you haven't missed the upcoming Leopard Hills trip report.

Slow Tom has turned out to be a lazy mutt after finishing his initial trip report.

It's in the planning stages.

Tom K.

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What simply wonderful photos of the leopard with her cub. Lovely!

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Wow, just wow! What an amazing pics you shared with us. And what an awesome first time safari you had!

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What an amazing safari, and a great trip report, with some really wonderful photos.

I find it astonishing that you observed so much stuuning wildlife behaviour in one five day safari.

To see the interaction of leopard and cub, leopards maring, wild dogs hunting, and so much more - on just one short safari is very rare indeed.

I have been on six safaris - three of which were very high quality safaris in India , Botswana and Tanzania - and have never witnessed a hunt,let alone a wild dog hunt, nor seen the sort of clear , open interaction between leopard and cub that you witnessed.

You are very fortunate indeed - your future safaris will have a great deal to live up to.

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Thanks for this. Thanks for sharing both the sequence of leopard pictures and your feelings about them. My first safari followed shortly after the death of my mother - I found the peace of the African bush was exactly what I needed.

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Hannacat what a great trip report thanks - my first trip report has been going since the beginning of the year.

Awesome pics too



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