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Horrible about the poaching. I'm following all the dreadful news on FB but seeing it in a TR brings it 'closer to home" somehow. :-(


Yes, that's a Monitor. Despite this very sad incident it seems to be a very beautiful area, and you showed it well in your report - thanks!

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From the soaring highs of the Rhino road block, to the crashing lows of a poached one, @@LarsS, what an experience.

You've done a good job of highlighting the beauty of HI as a destination

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"The night before everybody was so excited about the blood moon. Incredible pictures indeed. But the meaning of blood moon changed the next morning. A blood moon not only looks great, it makes the night less dark. For poachers good circumstances to locate animals at night. Eventually, we heard at least 5 rhinos were killed that night. Not sure anymore if it was in HI of whole KwazuluNatal area. So sad."

Chillingly horrible.


Your photos show the other side, the bright side. Lovely last sunset.

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Such a terrible shame about the rhino(s). I imagine that must have cast a pall over everything; I can only hope that you experienced some comfort in the otherwise delightful scenes and wildlife.

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Peter Connan

Wonderful trip report and beautiful destinations.


Such a pity about the poaching.

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Lovely trip report. Such a shame you came across the dead rhino. We all know it is happening and feel powerless how to stop it. But to find one must have really upset you.


It is good to hear that despite this you feel they are doing a good job there.

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Very sorry to hear about the poaching incident. That truly would temper the joy of being on safari, but it can also serve as a reminder that we must never let our guard down in addressing this continuing problem.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Hluhluwe. We drove past the area on our way to and from Phinda in the first part of September, but it certainly didn't seem so hot and dry there at that time. The drought obviously continues to take its toll. Nevertheless, KwaZulu-Natal is an interesting safari destination that merits more consideration from folks.

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Thanks all!


The poaching really was a sad moment. Everybody in the car was really down. Ofcourse I know poaching is going on all over the national parks en reserves. But I'd never thought it would be so close to where I would be. There's a good chance I've crossed paths with a poacher the day before, as they sometimes just drive through the park, pretending to be a regular visitor. It was my belief poaching usually would happen in the more remote areas, where there's less control and less people. This was on a regular visited road and close to the main road.


The full/blood moon was all over the news and this is clearly the downside. Every full moon till now I've thought about this rhino and still feel gutted about it. But also a bit afraid, because what will happen this night of full moon? Ofcourse poachers will not limit themselves to the full moon, but for me poaching and full moon will always be connected.


Although we were feeling very sad and down, it didn't spoil the whole visit to HI. We've seen so many opposites of a poached rhino, which I was very pleased with. You can just hope for them to survive and raise their young ones, so their numbers will grow, not only in HI but also in other parks.



As a result, I've been searching for anti poaching excursions and found one. If there's availability on my dates, I'll go on a anti poaching excursion with Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit. A dutch operator started this in cooperation with VFAPU.

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Tom Kellie

~ @@LarsS


Your Savanna Monitor image is a treat! I've yet to spot one.

The “rhino road block” made me laugh.

Who would guess that they'd stand just so as to prevent passage?

Rhinos make an effective barrier.

It's so nice of you to have shared much with us about Hluhluwe.

Thank you!

Tom K.

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