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Linyanti/Kwara concession in green season


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Well...I missed them :)
I know it´s much easier in denning season. But it´s still very good chances of seeing them even in the green season.

It's really quite funny... in South Luangwa they were denning and I was told to come back when they start moving around again, they do not know where the dogs are denning in S.Luangwa and all were gone.
Here...I was told to comeback in denning season :)

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I left Lebala with the words from my guide "You have great chance to see wild dogs in Kwara too. Almost as big as Lebala". 25 minutes later I was in a different environment. Much more water as Kwara

So...the time has come. My first trip report in here. I do not now where this is taken us but we start and we'll see. As writing in english isn´t my best sport, I will pretty much let the pictures sp

I'm one of those who appreciate even the small animals. I think they are just as fascinating and so it was fun to see different species of mongooses. We saw them on each game drive and they run around

Posted Images


I was only there for two days. The first night it was only us (Me and friend) in the whole camp. So there were only one vehicle looking. The second day it was two vehicles.

But the dogs were there. We saw the tracks.
And they saw the dogs the day before our arrival. So we were just unlucky.

But nice Lion sightings and a really beautiful area compensated it all... almost :)
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Well...I missed them :)

I know it´s much easier in denning season. But it´s still very good chances of seeing them even in the green season.


It's really quite funny... in South Luangwa they were denning and I was told to come back when they start moving around again, they do not know where the dogs are denning in S.Luangwa and all were gone.

Here...I was told to comeback in denning season :)


@@Antee And I've never been in the green season.

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Empty camp during holiday week? Gulp!!!!!

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Empty camp during holiday week? Gulp!!!!!

Yepp. I was really surprised to be alone! But private safari is nice :)


They had actually been closed for two weeks in december due to lack of guests.

Very strange due to the fact that it is really good game driving even in the green season. And with lower prices...


The camp was full during new year but then it would be quite empty again i January.

Edited by Antee
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I left Lebala with the words from my guide "You have great chance to see wild dogs in Kwara too. Almost as big as Lebala".

25 minutes later I was in a different environment. Much more water as Kwara is in the delta and more open plains. From above it looks perfect for both Cheetah and Wild dogs.



Kwara landing strip.


I was welcomed with the following words "wild dogs will be difficult because they are not seen for two weeks, but this is nature and you will never know". BOOM, Curtain!

Right from my tent I felt there was much more wildlife here.
After 5 minutes I was able to count to five different species just by sitting on the terrace and look out. Amazing!

This is the view from my tent.


Beneath my feet stood the camps Warthog-family and looked in amazement at me...


Apparently was Kwara built in the middle of a 50 year old Elephant territory.
He visited camp a few times a month, and today was such a day.

They just had to call housekeeping after this visit...




First gamedrive and we almost immediately stumble on this...





Up and stretch...


Going down...


Have a look inside this hole...


Hmm, nothing... take a stroll around the tree...


Still searching for something...


Maybe in this hole...


Okey, have a break and rethink this...


Aaaa, there it is!!


3 week old Leopardcub came out into the daylight. Fascinating!


Little parental care from the mother...


...and of course, some play.


After a while the mom decided to move to another location. Probably a bit worried about the baboons who were in the vicinity. We decided to follow...





A new bite is needed sometimes when you are out on a long journey.




So sweet with his tongue hanging out. Looks dead :)




And away they went to their new home ...


Sweet huh?

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Wow, that's some welcome at Kwara drive - awesome. Leopard alone is a fantastic sighting, but with a cub like this - pure safari gold!

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Oh my goodness, another leopard cub. They are becoming very popular sightings. To see the mother carry it in her mouth is astounding! Truly unbelievable sighting. Way to go! To answer your question: How sweet it is!


"The smell was disgusting. You could not breathe if the wind was against you.
The worst smell I've ever experienced.

This is the Hyena perfume and they crawled inside the carcass."
Had one of those carcasses across from my tent last time. I can still smell it sitting here at home.
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Sorry you missed on the wild dogs (well, at least so far), but you have to have been happy with that leopard and cub. What a wonderful experience!

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Incredibly good leopard sighting.

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@@Antee - Forget the dogs! You'll have to return to see them. Take this sighting for now, will you ....... Top draw!!!!


Sad that the camps are empty - baffling!!!! I also find this very surprising given that I'm always given the impression that they are always full .......

Edited by madaboutcheetah
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@@Antee...what a wonderful sighting and photos of the leopard and cub!

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Yes, truly a lovely experience!
Kwara really welcomed us. Even the guides were excited.

There is some more from this "family" later on.

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Peter Connan

Wow! What a magnificent sighting!

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After our really nice Leopard experience we continued on to explore the area. Alot of general game was present.
Here in Kwara, the gamedrives is as good all year round and it was much more animals around than Lebala.

Impalas of course...



A muddy Tsessebe. Which looks a little tired. Perhaps it has run away from predators all year


Zebras, Baboons and Impalas. Al in a big harmony :)


A black-backed jackal lurking around.


Baby Tsessebes were everywhere.


And the always present giraffes.
It was short and sweet animals everywhere.


In the evening we found a lioness who just brought down a baby zebra.
Just enough food for her.
The lioness had cubs nearby so she was currently alone. She had not introduced them to the pride yet.

The guide had not located the cubs yet. So it was unknown where they were.

But now it was dinner...











After dinner, the food needs to be washed down.




What a day! Leopard with 3 week old cub, Lioness feeding on baby Zebra, good general gameviewing, nice environment and a superb sunset! Kwara delivers!



Edited by Antee
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The next morning so popped my second best favorite antelope up from the grass. Reedbucks!

I think their strategy is smart. They are located in areas that other animals do not like. Often in high grass like the others do not graze.




As the area is in permanent water it is prime habitat for the Red Lechwe.


What is prime habitat for the Lilac-breasted roller I do not know. They seem to like everything :)


Some more birds from the area.
Red crested Korhaan


Carmine Bee-eater


Tawny eagle (juvenile)


Cape starling


We spent this morning in search for Cheetah. We search for them many, many hours with some really hardcore off road driving. At last, almost midday we found them.
A mother with two 8 months old cubs.
There were also two males in the area.





It was at least 35 degrees now. They stayed in the shade and nobody can blame them...







We stayed for a while just in case something should happen...



But not much else than some cuddles with mother.


Mama decided to switch shaded place


Do we dare to go out in the sun or not ...


Yepp, we go! Fast... it´s hot!



New spot. New shadow.
Here we chose to leave them and then come back later when the temperature dropped




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Kwara seems to be delivering to you in spades! All those predator mums and cubs.


The Leopard images in particular are lovely. Perfect light for many of them. Great report . Thanks @@Antee.

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In the afternoon heat both me and the Smith´s bush squirrel needed some coolness.
Here's a squirrel when it is too hot and needs to cool off. Quite cute!


Later in the afternoon we passed a bunch of flying red lechwe. Think it was quite nice in the water.







Time to go back to the Cheetahs and see what they were up to.
The guide thought they would hunt tonight and I was eager to go.

After 10 minutes, a message on the radio. The guide stops the car, turns around and says "they have found the wild dogs!!"
I lit up like the sun.
He continued: "The problem is that it is in the direct opposite direction of the cheetahs, about 45 minutes"
"Do you want Wild dogs or see cheetah hunt?"
Woaoow, what a great choice ...
Where in the world except Botswana has the option to choose between those two experiences?
We agreed to hurry to the dogs. It was now 15 days since they were last seen and my bad luck regarding them had now turned.

Finally, I would meet them!

We arrived and there they were.
A group of 8 dogs.
The original size was 16 dogs so they had split for the evening.



They were quite sleepy...





Finally I got to see them!
They had cheated me in Namibia, they had cheated me in Zambia and they had cheated me in Linyanti.
Once again, Kwara delivers!





We stayed half an hour to see if anything would happen.
But it soon became clear that they were already full and satisfied.
Hunting tonight would not happen.
I was very happy anyway just to see them.

And this story became like all the others... after long time searching Wild dogs always show up :)
There was still time for cheetahs. Full throttle towards them!

They had not moved very far since the last.
100 meters perhaps.

Mama Cheetah was up with something. She was in a hunting-mood!
First check out some impalas in the distance.


Hmm, no. She gave up. Maybe too far away.


The cubs were playing while mama fixes food.


Some drinking before trying again.


Walking to the other side of the plain.


This time it was serious. The cubs was told to stay behind.

sneaking away...




The cubs took the best position to watch when the mother hunting.



Here I chose to put away the camera for a while.
It was time to look through my own eyes now.
The cheetah stalked from bush to bush.
Meter by meter, she approached the Impalas.
Still unnoticed.
We stopped and watched the show quite far away to not interfere.
From the last bush ... boom, attack!
Loud barking noises from the Impalas and they run at all directions in panic.
A cracking sound from all over the forest and then.... quiet. Total silence.
What happened?

We drove off with the car in the direction of the cheetah.
She had succeeded?

Unfortunately not.
She failed
Like most huntings
No dinner for the cubs, that starts playing in the last rays of sun when it became clear that the mother failed.





Incredibly exciting to see a cheetah hunting!

The sun had now gone down and the time was up for both us and Cheetahs.
She will be sure to try it tomorrow morning again. Perhaps with better luck then?


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Really cool that Kwara went all out for you - Lions, Leopard, Cheetah (with cubs, and hunting!) and Wild Dogs, fantastic! I was there in March 2014, and while I loved it for its scenery, and there were lots of animals around, no luck with Leopard, Cheetah or the Dogs (though I did see them and Leopard at Lagoon). I think it´s not a bad thing arriving somewhere where animals x "hasn´t been seen in two weeks" - that just means they have to show up again very soon. :)

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Never say Never!!! So glad the dogs showed up for you in Kwara - Perfect!!!


I hope you made another attempt to find the cheetah in action the following day - look forward to the next installment.

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The leopard cub...what a sighting!

Everything else great too, feeding lions and hyaenas here, cheetah and dogs there. Whoever said the green season wasn't as good!?

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So glad you finally got your dogs. It sounds like you were more than deserving of that sighting.


Cheetah vs. dogs as a choice to pursue is indeed a nice problem to have, but you made the right choice (I would have done the same) AND you still got to see the cheetahs later anyway. Perfect!

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And finally the dogs too! What a trip. I am not surprised you said your face lit up like the sun!

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Tom Kellie

~ @@Antee


You won my interest by your feeling that a short visit was better than nothing.

I completely concur, as several of my safaris have been for a few days, yet each had striking sightings, although not on par with your superlative Kwara experience.

As @@Alexander33 noted, off-season deals are well worth it.

What I offhandedly refer to as mini-safaris are well worth the time. Your trip report illustrates that far better than anything that I might post.

My most recent safari, in Sabi Sands, South Africa, was 5 days/4 nights, a mini-safari, yet utterly enjoyable with numerous productive sightings.

You noted that Kwara delivers, but so do you and your camera/lens!

The lovely reedbuck shots are particular favorites. I like what you wrote about their strategy to dwell where others don't.

The yellow mongoose — what nice images.

Wattled cranes! I've never observed them, but your excellent photos display their beauty.

Oh, the toad! Taking care to include amphibians in a trip report enriches the overall texture of the reporting.

The hunting cheetah...the well-deserved wild dog sighting...the lions — all wonderful.

I especially admire the clarity and focus of several of your wild dog portraits.

As @@michael-ibk wrote, going out when any given species hasn't been spotted for weeks increases the probability of a sighting.

Yet what must stand out as the dazzler of your trip report is the incomparable leopard sequence, culminating with the appearance of a wee leopard in a hidey-hole.

I agree with @@Atravelynn that observing the mother leopard carrying the cub by the scruff of its neck is a phenomenal sighting. Your photographs do justice the special quality of the scene.

Thank you so much for posting this trip report with fine images throughout.

Tom K.

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Thank you @@Tom Kellie for reading it and your nice comments! Really appreciate it.

Edited by Antee
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