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Tdgraves big year 2016

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@@Peter Connan not that I have found so far. It is so annoying that I didn't even get a single shot of a yellow-billed stork in the KNP or even a (not so common) starling here. If only I hadn't forgotten my zoom lens on our few days away in the U.K., then there could have been an extremely small speck of a flock of avocet in the distance...... :(




This is what they looked like with a 35mm lens :wacko:


the tiny specks of white on the point of the penninsula, in case you were wondering

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North of Satara, KNP, 25/1/6   Canon 7D mark II, 100-400, ISO 500, f5.6-6.3, 1/500-1/1250           13) Rufous-naped lark

Near Lower Sabie, KNP 21/1/16 Canon 7D mark II 100-400, ISO 200, f7.1, 1/1000   68) Southern carmine bee-eater

Awesome @@Tdgraves. I get them in my back garden too. This individual ambushes sparrows at one of the bird baths.   How many species are you up to for the year so far?

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Peter Connan

Oh well. Such a pity to have to end on 249.


But that's quite a few more than I'm going to end up on.

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Always happy to help a fellow birder. BTW we have already started to collect first birds for Big Year 2017 !

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@@Tdgraves Well I expect you to top 200 species too. :D

Fingers crossed - it is a different ecosystem, so hopefully, otherwise I may have to explore more here, but the weather is not making me want to go outside at the moment.....



No contest. You smashed the 200 mark.

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Thanks for sharing your year with me. It has made the gaps between trips bearable and go faster.

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