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In search of the Grey Ghost


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Thanks,yes we had some pretty good sightings! I do wish we could have got a clear view of mum with the cubs altogether. In fact I think we only saw one of Sonam's cubs. We did glimpse Maya and her three cubs together but as I mentioned the views were poor, being obscured by the bamboo and trees.


In total though I think we had two snow leopards, two lynx, four wolves, and ten individual tigers! Plus I think five sloth bears, still no dhole!

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In search of the Grey Ghost- Ladakh and Tadoba, India.   Introduction   First of all, I should say this was not a trip I was looking forward to. In fact I was, to put it another way, bricking it!

We were scanning from the watch point above camp for the remainder of the afternoon and all of a sudden our guide begins to get very animated! He's spotted a Snow Leopard!!   It was getting on in th

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I have just read your TR from start to finish and really enjoyed it.



I can only congratulate you on your determination to undertake this trip particularly with the cold, altitude, very little sleep and and a bruised ? Buttock. But it all paid off and you saw the wolves and the snow leopard, something most of us will never see in the wild. As someone else has already said, we can enjoy it vicariously and without the discomforts.


The landscapes in the Grey Ghost section were truly awe inspiring and just standing or sitting there looking at those majestic mountain ranges must have been amazing.


I note that donkeys were used to carry your gear. In Many places these beasts of burden are not well cared for; did you feel that these animals were in good health? @@kittykat23uk


Glad you got to Tadoba again and you seemed to have some good sightings even if disappointing, for you, from a photographic perspective.


Do you think it was much busier in Tadoba compared to last time you were there? I think it was similar time of the year.

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Thanks! The donkeys were loaded up quite heavily especially the smallest ones seemed overburdened if I'm honest . They seemed to be in reasonable health though.


Tadoba had the problem that most if the activity was focused around the two tiger families rather than around Telia lake like last time so when we were on either water hole it felt busier but when we were away from those areas you could find more solitude as there was less traffic spread out across the park. Buffer zone was equally quiet both times.

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Well, I am just exceedingly late to this report, but, nevertheless, I want to express my gratitude to you for posting it. What an epic and fascinating adventure. I am sure the memories will last a lifetime. Thank you!

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Just finished reading your TR in one go. Wow! what an adventure. Snow leopard! Watch a catch. I have been unsuccessful in catching a leopard with the camera leave alone a snow leopard!

Going to Leh during the last week of June, but will be a tame affair after your trek.

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Thanks both! Glad to see more people are enjoying my trip report. :)

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