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I'm way behind reading this, and only up to where you arrive at KTP, but this is already a great trip report @@michael-ibk. Too many great things to mention any specifics. Somewhere else to add to my wish list!

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"Sociable Weavers always kept us company" which is why they are sociable.


What is cuter than an obese whistling rat?


Maybe Mum can accompany you some day for a perfectly prepared piece of meat at a South African braai, then drink enough to see spotted lizards.

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Many thanks,@@janzin , @@Zubbie15 , and @@Atravelynn !

In 78 days, not that I'm counting I will be leaving for Kenya for the 4th time. This is our 10th wedding anniversary wife's 40th birthday trip matching you're 40th as well! Would have loved to met you in Kenya but unfortunately we are a bit ahead of you.

Have a fantastic trip, @dlo - and time your next one better so that we can meet up. :)

Page 3

"Next stop - Antarctica!"

Perhaps not next, but I have a feeling it is on the horizon.

Yeah, far out on the "have-to-rob-a-bank" horizon. :)

Augrabies Falls has so much to offer! Was falling water absent on your first visit because of the drought?

Not sure, Lynn, I can just assume the pool above Twin Falls filled up between our first and my second walk there.

We'll be flying to Cape Town early January and leave early March (well, being retired has its advantages... :)). We'll leisurely explore the southern regions and Cape Town itself, since we've never been there before. During the last three weeks, we'll drive up to Namibia (Fish River), spend some 9 days in the Kgalagadi Park and a few in Augrabies Falls, before returning to Cape Town. We had planned a longer trip in Namibia, but it turned out too expensive for us at this stage. We're very much looking forward to our stay and trip there!

@@PeterHG : Early January to early March, now I´m jealous! Sounds like a super trip!

That late-night night drive was tremendous. Cape Fox is exciting. What time did you get up the next morning?

No later than any other day. Not there for fun, you know. ;)

Maybe Mum can accompany you some day for a perfectly prepared piece of meat at a South African braai, then drink enough to see spotted lizards.

Working on it Lynn. :)

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Just finished this @@michael-ibk, what an epic last game drive. I was impressed by the homey badger until I kept reading! Thanks for sharing, yet another place I need to get to...

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Fantastic falcon hunting. The mongoose is truly doing its best to imitate a meerkat. I hope @@AndMic appreciated the effort.


Good shot of the scorpion. Being paralyzed for a few weeks would be terrifying. Your poor guide. Closed toes shoes in the Kalahari!


How odd, the mandarin duck.


What a way to bid farewell with the cheetah in morning light and then such great daytime views of the brown hyena. Even those jackals were impressed with the hyena, following it around like groupies.


The final road shot was a little sad. As far as variety goes, this might be your most prolific trip yet!

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I've been so busy lately, I had no time to stop by.


I just did, and ....wow! What an amazing trip you had! I spent a very hot summer afternoon enjoying your adventures, the animals, big and small, the cats, the birds, the dunes, the snakes...


Your pictures...what can I say? Beautiful. You have a gift of capturing the place and time, and then telling us all about it.


Thanks for a great TR and for adding another destination to my long list :)

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Many thanks, @@xyz99 , glad you enjoyed it. :)

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It seems to have taken me about as long to complete reading this report as a good Kgalagadi trip should last.


It was a magnificent ride though!


However, I would like to defend the Puff Adder's reputation a litlle bit:



but mostly in the interest of providing some interesting information.

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