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Thanks for finishing this report up, and the final chapter were very much worth the wait. They really make me want return to the Delta! Interesting what you say about Americans, not my experience. Had one big group at Kwando's Lagoon (which sang the Sound of Music to me)' but other than that it was very diverse.

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This is a continuation of the trip report started in the South Africa forum. To sum up: my mom and I traveled to South Africa and stayed at Dulini Lodge, where I had stayed once before. After a quick

Our final sighting for that morning's game drive was the show-stopper: a gorgeous older female leopard, about eleven or twelve years old. She looked a little thin to me, but otherwise in good health,

This is probably my one less-than-squeal moment, and I feel a little silly writing about it. Maybe my problem is that I'm like a little duckling, and I have imprinted on a certain set of trackers/rang

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@@hannahcat I remember very well that when I stayed at Little Kwara five years ago that both of the co-managers had been trained at Disneyworld. It's unfortunate that so many Americans have no interest in Africa.

They're so surprised that I live in Kenya. Most white Americans think that Africans are quite hostile and aggressive towards them, when nothing could be further from the truth. I have to say that everyone I know in Nairobi

is Kenyan, furthermore, that even after having spent 4 years there I'm still amazed by the kindness, courtesy, politeness, helpfulness, open mindedness, and sense of humor that I see every day. The few foreigners

that have problems with Kenyans usually do so because they do something moronic which they shouldn't even do in their home country.


I have to say that I've enjoyed the people elsewhere on safari as well. I've liked the Botswanan, Zambian, Zimbabwean, South African as well as the Ugandans and Namibians. It was the Tanzanians I didn't

particularly, but that isn't preventing me from going to Tanzania next year. I'll be going to Chada Katavi and Greystoke Mahale.

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@micheal-ibk As you know we all love the delta. I love your story about the Americans singing the sound of music to you-it's just hilarious.

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@@hannahcat this video I made at Little Kwara might make you and your Mom laugh! Happy New Year. Pen


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@@hannahcat I love the lions crossing the bridge in the light and the ornithologists behind. Great anticipation. Thanks for the report - I really enjoyed it.

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