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A Thousand Hills, A Million Smiles & Gentle Giants - a Rwanda and Kenya Safari


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WOW!  What an epic trip---one of those "if you never visit Africa again" trips where you've seen a bit of everything...the Big Five, the Great Apes, creatures great and small, plus one of the underestimated parts of any trip to Africa, quality time with Africans, the people themselves...I know this was several years ago but if you never saw it before, it was like the first time for me! :D



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This was a special safari for three reasons:   It was my tenth (if I can count India and the Pantanal). It was the way I had decided to celebrate my 40th birthday. And my mother ha

The most endearing member of the family was - of course - the BABY!     The little one was very shy at first, but after a while he/she(?) became curious about us and checked us out. Cuteness ens

Our first animal - a Brown Snake-Eagle. I will not post every bird we saw on this trip, promise (at least not here, that´s what the Big Year thread is for), but this was one of our most photogenic rap




Joel, I have a feeling you must be missing me if you feel the need to dig out ancient reports. :P


But seriously, thanks, this was a see "everything" trip by design, and we were lucky that it pretty much achieved that. One of my reports I quite enjoy to flick through from time to time to enjoy those memories again, thanks for nudging me towards it again.

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It's a keeper!  I love TR's.  Especially to places I've not been--Akagera is really interesting to me.  Solio I had never heard of and rhinos are my favorite!  Plus as usual you had exceptionally good safari karma -- I have no idea why---it must be @AndMic  !!! :D


Very interesting you love the Aberdares so---on my first trip to Africa, me and my dad stayed at The Ark :D  This was in 1992 and then it was known for an abundance of rhinos.  Most of the action came at night so I really have no pictures...we had five or so black rhinos visit the waterhole during the night including one with no ears (hyenas got em when it was a baby) and an extremely long horn.  A couple rhinos skirmished with some slow moving buffaloes.  We saw a couple lions, a hyena...some elephants in the morning.  And the best view of a greater bushbaby I've ever had--it was practically tame :D  and yes there were peacocks at the country club 25 years ago too...


If I was missing you guys I'm sure I will get my fill in six weeks :D I've been told a little bit of me goes a looong way! :D Looking forward to it!

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