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Borneo - From the Highlands to the Lowlands, it's a Wet Land

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@Atdahl i've thoroughly enjoyed the report and the awesome photos. I loved BRL as well and we were very lucky to have seen a few orangutans when we were there. we did see the gibbons but as you say they are elusive (worse than leopards!) and, with the jungle so dense, the branches and leaves are always in the way. 

But you had some incredible sightings despite the rain, and there are two more reasons (tarsier and gibbon!) to plot a return!

thanks for sharing!

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Well I hope that Safaritalk readers haven't overdosed on Borneo after reading Jo's (KittyKat) great ongoing report. While our itineraries were pretty similar and we saw some of the same things, I th

@@kittykat23uk, you are right. For some reason that surprised me. I just wasn't expecting it.   @@Kitsafari, I think you are right about the cake. The color is right but at Mt K it appeared to be

@@Alexander33 - Thanks. I have to admit that there were lots of bad bird pictures. But, of course I don't keep those. To top it off, my tripod never got unpacked. I decided to handhold the entire

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@michael-ibk - Thanks very much.  The photography in Borneo was just as challenging as any other rain forest location and I was a bit disappointed during the trip with the lack of "decent" shots.  But, when I got home I realized I had captured more than I thought. So, given the conditions and I am quite pleased with the memories and photos.  But, not so pleased that I don't want to go back and do better! :D


@Alexander33 - Thanks!  Our motto on our vacations is typically "we can sleep when we get home".  I must admit it was tough doing that for two weeks though.  But, there is no way you can sleep in with the birds and insects waking you up at dawn everyday.  It's a pretty cool alarm clock actually.  As soon as we logged into work the day after arriving back home (no buffer day :() we too were back into our old urban habits.  But, we have to pay for the next trip somehow...


@kitsafari - Thank you.  What a treat to have seen Orangutans at BRL.  That is really a remarkable place.  A month or so before we got there a Clouded Leopard killed a Red Languar near the lodge and hung out in a tree for a couple days.  All the guests there say it...that would have been pretty special.  Yes, Tarsiers and Gibbons alone are two more reasons to return.  But, I have LOTS of other ones on the list.  I think we will be going back soon.





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Just want to say I am finally catching up on this report and really have enjoyed it so far. I have read through day 7. I think your photos are fantastic, and I am enjoying the writing as well.  Look forward to reading the rest when I can.

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Wow you got to see such a large variety of wildlife on this trip! I had no idea that there was so much to see in Borneo. It was definitely on my list before because I would like to see proboscis monkeys but this trip report cements its place and fuels the fire.


My "bird of the trip" favourite from your line up would be a toss up between the black and yellow broadbill and the asian paradise flycatcher. They are fascinating. Oh and the indigo flycatcher too. It's pretty :)


I also loved reading your story about getting caught in the rain. He he he. The lesson is: double bag EVERYTHING :lol:

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I also want to add that I'm just starting this report--only through day 7--but WOW! So many great birds!! And the marbled and leopard cats! Borneo is on our list too, but I'd really want to try to go when it wasn't so rainy...if that is even possible, LOL.  You did great considering the conditions.  I see you were using the Nikon 200-500 and it looks like it held up well in the damp. I always worry about using it in harsh conditions, because its not really weather-sealed.


Well I look forward to seeing what adventures await in the next few days...

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