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A Lucky 3rd Year for Elefromoz


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Photobombing aircraft and Dolphins. bird watching has its moments down under.

Another nice selection of birds too.

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49. Grey Fantail, looking for bugs,   Dunsborough, SW W.A. 22/1/18





50. (Yay)    Splendid Fairy-wren family, A/A, preening









51. New Holland-eater    A/A


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Beautiful additions-and serious progress already!

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The hits just keep coming. Impressive numbers already 

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On 1/5/2018 at 2:43 AM, elefromoz said:

This one is eyeing off my "Poached Eggs on a Rocket and Avacado Smash with a Dukkah Crumb" Brunch.


:lol: Your local magpies have 'five star' tastes.


Frogmouths are insect eaters, mainly moths. I've not heard of them eating rodents but perhaps they do.

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Wow 51!, you're off to a flying start. I better get a wriggle on.

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2 hours ago, Geoff said:

Frogmouths are insect eaters, mainly moths. I've not heard of them eating rodents but perhaps they do.


@Geoff, my 'Birds of WA Field Guide', Simon J Nevill, says "also will take small Mammals". Mind you our Rats are blinkin big. Yep, looking forward to your BY photos.

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52. Rock Dove, Richmond Lake, Rockingham 27/1/07



53. Laughing Dove A/A



54. Brown Goshawk, A/A,  hopefully Ill get another chance at this one later



55. Silvereye



56. Crested Pigeon, 28/1/18, Bibra Lake



57. Rainbow Lorikeet, A/A,    :angry: Pest with a capital P, but even pests count... Nearly run out of "ferals and pests"


58. Glossy Ibis, A/A



59. Blue Billed Duck, A/A



60. Swamp Harrier, A/A, again I hope I get another chance later, these are pretty common and local.




Rainbow Lorikeet 2.JPG

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The Rainbow Lorikeet is such a Pest, I double posted it!


Just now in my Garden,

61. Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos, up til now they haven't been able to get anywhere near the tree without the breeding Magpies attacking, things seem to have calmed down at last and the poor Cockatoos can relax a bit.

Female, top and "bottom"








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Another great selection from down under. At least your pests have some colour. All ours are monochrome.

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62. Great Crested Grebe, Bibra Lake, 28/1/18  She was really working harder her two Chicks, I watched for 15 mins solid and reckon she dived every 5-10 seconds, coming up with food each time.







63. Brown Honeyeater, my garden, 28/1/18



64. Grey Butcherbird, 31/1/18, Alfred Cove



Last night also being the night of the "Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse"




65.White Cheeked Honeyeater,   1/2/18,    Pt Walter Reserve,  Bicton



66. Black Faced Cuckoo Shrike,  A/A



67. Australian Ringneck, A/A



68. Nankeen Night Heron, A/A,

Bird poo all over the footpath can only mean one thing, Birds up there, 3 of them resting way up in the treetop. Funny when you stop and stare up, how many passers-by also stop and stare up, trying to figure out just what you're looking at.



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Beautiful birds from Australia! You are surging ahead!

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Lovely to see such unfamiliar birds, but also one of my favourites also found in the UK, the Great Crested Grebe

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More beautiful birds!

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Agreed. Some special birds there and the score is mounting up too.

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On 1/28/2018 at 7:29 PM, elefromoz said:

Red-Tailed Black Cockatoos


Fabulous backyard visitors.


Late last year I watched an Aussie grebe diving with tiny chicks tucked under its wings. I never thought they would do that. 



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Dave Williams

Fabulous series, keep them coming!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks all, still waiting for you to join the fun @Kitsafari, you're Kenya safari report is full of Birds, you'd catchup in no time at all. Meanwhile, plodding along....

69. Common Bronzewing, garden Dunsborough 9/2/18



70. Red-winged Fairy Wren (female), Boronup Cafe (French Fruit Toast), Boronup Forest, A/A, whilst these tiny little Birds are in abundance here, I could not get the beautiful little Male to oblige so had to settle for his duller mate, still cute though. Next time.



71. White Breasted Robin A/A  


I could have done much better with this little Bird too, squat down edging closer, til some bloke walked past and warned us that theres a resident Tiger Snake nearby. That did it for me, I left the Robin to it.  Some of you will have seen this posted a few days back, Tiger Snakes have a whole list of tricks up their sleeve, climbing, swimming...


72. White-browed Scrubwren A/A



73. Laughing Kookaburra, A/A, probably laughing at me beating a hasty retreat through the Bush



  We were looking for Rock Parrots along the Coast and one of the Lighthouse volunteers told us they were  seen here in flocks of 30 at times... but none seen for 3 weeks now, sigh. Don't you hate that? Anyways, all was not lost..

74. Australian Pipit, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse,  9/2/18  5a8805722155f_AustralianPipit.thumb.JPG.dba6cf691e9f136ce6f759fcc061b8f1.JPG


75. Nankeen Kestrel A/A



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Beautiful additions. The Faiiry Wren is beautiful . And as for the snake video......you were wise to move!

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Dave Williams

Happy when the snake is out in the open, it's on the floor and hidden I'm worried about.

You have some lovely pigeons/doves, or at least I assume a Bronzewing is by the look of it. 

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So many beautiful species - love the Fairy-Wrens particularly.

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Beautiful birds. I always learn so much from this thread 

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Thanks @TonyQ, @Galana, @Dave Williamsand yes the Bronzewing is a pigeon, @michael-ibk, @lmSA84

On 2/18/2018 at 9:11 PM, lmSA84 said:

I always learn so much from this thread 

Me too, little snippets from the world over.


The next in this group continue to be from our "South West, about a 3 hour drive South of Perth

76. Rock Parrot, Hamelin Bay, 9/2/2018. This Bird gave us the runaround all day, finally at days end a couple flew in, a first for me I should add, and on a Rock too!



77. Little Eagle, 10/2/18, Meelup Nat Pk, another first for me, its great being a beginner:)









78. Chestnut Teal 12/2/18, Vasse River Busselton. We were on a Birdlife Au group walk, learning how to use the new Birddata app and there was about 30 of us squished into the Hide, funny really



79. White-Faced Heron, 12/2/18, Common the world over, but hey a tick is a tick.





80. Western Spinebill  14/2/18, Dunsborough. This is a stunning little Bird but my photo lets it down badly. Hopefully @Geoff will post his Eastern variety at some point and showcase its beauty.



and a couple of repeats, Silvereye with a snack in the sand dune heath



and these two  just because they are cute...




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Dave Williams

That Spinebill is a stunner! Always nice to capture new birds too but it's funny how today's "lifer" soon can become tomorrow's "also ran" which get's little attention.

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