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The mokoro sunset looks spectacular. Also really like the elephant wading through the tall grass.

Camp looks both comfortable and incredibly scenic!

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DAY ONE - Mesmerizing Botswana and Chobe National Park   May 9, 2017, We rushed through Heathrow to get to the gate, we were delayed from Stockholm, Sweden and if we would missed the plane t

DAY TWO - WHO NEED´S SLEEP ON SAFARI?    May 10, 2017- First night in our tent - super cozy and comfortable bed but I just could not sleep. I simply could not stop thinking about what happen

Hello everyone!   I have enjoyed reading your trip reports for a long time and now it´s time for me to get in the game! I have traveled to Africa on safari three times in the last three year

Posted Images


Very much enjoying your report, your enthusiasm is infectious and your passion for wildlife shines through. How cool you saw the Dogs, and then a Leopard, wonderful. I agree the Delta simply is a paradise.

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On 5/16/2018 at 8:20 PM, safarigirl.se said:



@Antee go Sweden :) must look at your trip reports, which one is your favorite! 





@safarigirl.se My favourite is always the one I have not done yet :) 


On my instagram: andreas_wildlife you probably find more if you want. 

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DAY SEVEN - Walking and unexpected visitors





It is now been a week since we arrived in Botswana and during this time we have experienced so incredably much, it's hard to take it all in and sometimes it almost felt surreal. It's one of the things I think is the hardest - how to keep the those feelings as long as possible. When the plan hits the ground back home again everyday life is back. To write about it and produce photos are for me a way to process the memories and make them come to life again. When you look at your photos ore describe a moment everything comes back, and that's why i think it´s great to write a TR, not just for others but for yourself :) anyhow we are not yet in Sweden again and lot´s of exerting days to come!  


This day we are going out for a walk in the bush and on a boat ride on the delta. I have never done a bush walk earlier so it will be very fun. The aim is not to see big animals, but focus more on the small details such as trails, plants and if we are lucky some smaller animals. Botswana is not a typical walking safari country such as Zambia and Zimbabwe so it will be interesting to see how the standards are here. 





Christian didn't what me to be last in line, in case some one thinks of me as the fallback kid ;) (much shorter than all the others in the group) but you must take photos right? :) 


We saw a lot of tracks from eg African wildcat, hyena and genet. It was very exciting to learn more about tracking, It´s a impressive skill. We walked for maybe 40 minutes and then came to the meet up with Equator who was waiting in front of a boat that would take us on a little longer tour of the delta, this time guaranteed spider free ;)


The walk itself was okay, but it felt very light, not at all as the videos we have seen from Zambia. We didn´t expected it to be either, and i would say this was a nice break from the sitting in the car and getting closer to tracks. 










We drove around the delta through canals in the water, some of them had been formed by hippos and elephants that walk in the shallow water during certain periods. The vegetation in some places was to thick that we had to turn and enter through another channel . It was really a great morning and the scenary was so incredibly beautiful with the papyrus and lots of water lilies. In the middle of a pool of water lilies, we stopped for tea and cake, then Equator  fished up a water liliy and showed how to make a necklace of the stalk. A little cheesy but cute :)



Such a jewelry designer my Christian ;) 


I finally also got to sit in the trackers seat - a little disappointed it was just for photos  :P 




Halfway back to camp we were met by familiar faces in the middle of the bush. All of the staff from camp were there and the had brought the whole interior, dinner table, chairs, barbeque, etc. and set it up in a spot under some trees for a surprise lunch, so very nice! 





The outdoor bar is always ready! 



A little washing station was also set ut! 



Equator handle one of the barbeques



Happy campers <3 


Back in camp and our tent I sat down and read for a while outside and heard a lot of unknown sounds down at the water, and look, a new tent mate - a BIG warthog that was feeding in the fine grass along the water.





Hello buddy! I didn't really need the binoculars but as a said before - I just love to take a close look even if the animals are close! 

Buy the way - worst color of kimono ever, glad he didn't ge a fright, haha. 


Suddenly, a much loader sound came from my left just next to me, my expression might give away that this time it was a bit bigger new friend to had joined the party. 



 Tough and cool it´s not my middle name, haha! 



Nice legs buddy! 


... then wow, wow, wow! It was an elephant! How awesome that a elephant came so close to the tent, if we have had the tent cloth at the window down we could have stretch out our hand and touched him. This bull elephant often visit the camp during this period of the year to check out if a particular fruit had ripened. It was initially a bit scary to be surprised, but once inside the tent, it felt perfectly safe, even if it was only a thin canvas which separated us. We enjoyed the view for 10 minutes, before he walked away behind the tent, so cool! Not that great pictures but we captures some nice videos. We didn't dare to walk outside to the shower part and take a look, it probably would have been just fine, but since it was our first close up of a Ellie we decided to stay low. 


Here is a short clip of the elephant :) 



In the afternoon when we had a coffee break the elephant came back and then he wasn´t as welcome, it's not quite convenient to have an elephant in the kitchen. He was quite pushy and did not want to leave.  We were told to get behind a large termite mound. Not just us guests but the whole team, Katembo then tried to scare him away but he was not completely satisfied, trumpeted threw his head around. But after a while he slowly turned and trotted away. After this experience it is clear - we have to do a real walking safari soon, it is a completely different experience to see the animals when you are on the ground. (Ps. we have booked SLNP for June 2019, jey!!) 



Is it the delicious lemon cake you are after?


So far today we had not seen so many animals, we had focused more on nature and the small details during the walk and boat trip. But in my perpective, this was still one of the best days with the bush lunch and the elephant coming into camp :) This afternoon we would focus on trying to find that leopard, and wow - we were not to be disappointed. 


Look, high up in a tree, we saw two paws hanging down, we have found a leopard cub lying waiting for her mother. We were so excited, the cub started to move and looked down to the ground, probably we would also get to see the mother. Here comes a lot of images, this was really a unique experience.














After greeting her mother, the cub turned to another tree where there was a dead warthog. However, it did not go as planned, the cub started playing with the carcas and dropped it on the ground :/ not a good idea to leave it there during the night, what if a hyena or the big lion pics up the scent and comes for snack? 





We stayed with the leopards all night, and just enjoying their company - no sundowner to night, this was way much nicer! 





The cub draged the warthog to her mother to share, so cute.. 


We left the leopards when the sun had gone down and on our way back we were completely bubbly of happiness, what a great day! <3

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Lovely encounter with the leopards!

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Now that is what I call a leopard sighting @safarigirl.se - very happy that you got to see that; Leopard in tree, leopard with kill, leopard with cub, beautiful light. Fantastic.


Enjoyed your close encounter with the elephant as well and I also see that you have booked for South Luangwa next June  - we too are venturing back there and also in June next year and we love it as I am sure will you; especially the walking part - "Safari Wakale". 


Kind regards,





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Ahhh, the leopards ... beautiful sighting and photos!

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Thank you! @xelas @mopsy you can never have to many leopards :wub: we were so lucky! Such a lovely and peaceful moment to just sit and watch them doing they everyday business :)


@deano we were so happy! :) It´s something special to be able to say for a longer time, no rush or other cars trying to cut in front. I liked that most about Botswana, it was always very few cars around. 


We are really looking forward to South Luangwa and expecially the walking part. Love to hear that you like it, that´s sounds promising! Have you done any TR on South Luangwa I should look up? 

That trip is actually going to be our wedding/honeymoon :) We start with bring our families to SNLP for 8 days and getting married, jey!! And then we head of on our own to Chikoko trails for some walking! 

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Peter Connan

Congratulations with the upcoming wedding. I hope it is wonderful, and followed by many years of love and happiness for you both.

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Hurrah and congratulations @safarigirl.se

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On 5/20/2018 at 10:58 PM, safarigirl.se said:

@LarsS i believe that you are now in Botswana! You lucky human :) Looking forward to read and hear about it here and on your vlog! 

Thank you! I'm just back in Holland (sitting in the office...), had a great time in the bush, will need some time before I'll start my trip report. I can say though, the vlog didn't really work as we were too busy with all the camping stuff going on, but will try to make a nice report with photo and video. First I'm gonna enjoy your latest updates to this report :)


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Amazing pics of the leopard! So special to see them together. The light is beautiful and I would have skipped my sundowner to stay as long as possible with them as well, good choice!


Awesome idea to use your gopro for some underwater shots. I didn't have a waterproof cam on my mokoro trip, but almost got some underwater footage as well... more on that in my trip report when I start writing it.


And elephants are just the best guests to turn up at your tent. They're so big but still they manage to sneak up on you very quietly. Funny pic of you in your kimono discovering the elephant ;)


Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Getting married in SLNP, that will be very special! Beautiful park as well, you'll love it there!

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This is such a fun report. Great leopard sightings. And what a wonderful experience your upcoming wedding will be. Congratulations!

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Video of day seven of our safari in Botswana. This day we got a visit in camp from a elephant bull and spend the sunset with two amazing leopards - for all you catlovers :) 





Edited by safarigirl.se
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Thanks for sharing! I am having such a bad case of Africa lust! I am hoping to include mobile camping in Botswana on my next trip there, maybe 2019 with my daughter. I have taken my son twice and she now says it's her turn! Maybe I will use & Beyond (I have stayed at two of their camps and they were wonderful but now out of my price range) or maybe go with Unlimited Safaris who I discovered through Safaritalk...



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Great TR - Warming up for my upcomming mobile safari with Unlimited Tours and safari in the superdry oct. This year. UTS is one of the best mobile safari operators in Botswana. 

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Your exuberance from that first picture carries through the whole trip report.  You saw a tremendous variety and the leopard and cub is really fantastic.  So many great animal shots but two non- critter photos really stood out for me--the table scene at the end of #12 and that supernatural sunrise!


I hope the six feet, four-plus inches was not too hindering in the plane, not to mention just the vehicle and the mokoro.

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Lovely and special Leopard sighting.


You got the one that have eluded me for so long... A Leopard with a kill in a tree. They never show up where I am :) 

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Thank you very much for all the congratulations on our upcoming wedding :wub: you are all to kind! @Peter Connan @Towlersonsafari @LarsS @Alexander33 now its time to book the flights and we are all set with all the travel arrangement. 


@LarsS Really looking forward to your report! But i must ask - did you fall in love with Botswana? ^_^


That sounds just great @mtanenbaum your kids are very lucky! Andbeyond is normally out of our price range but this one "Botswana Mobile Camping Expedition" i much more affordable. It´s a small group journey with 6 guests, but still we had our own camping sites and staff the whole trip, totally amazing. I will definitely look upp Unlimited Safaris! I would really like to go again, and camping is such a great way stay :) Thank you both @Africalover and @mtanenbaum for the tip! This is why i love ST! 


@Atravelynn Thank you! I also thought we where very lucky, and the best part we got to experience all of the sightings almost always to ourself. I agree with you that adding some non-critter photos makes a big difference to complete a story. And for personal reasons the are almost more important to keep the memories alive! :) 


Christians height was some times troublesome but it´s was nice that we got to mix it up with different kind of vehicles and activities (boat, mokoro, walking) so all in all it was no trouble (or i didn't hear to much whining ;) ) 


First one for me to, so cool! @Antee we where holding our breath when we realized she would actually go up the tree to get the kill! Next thing to add to the list is watching a leopard dragging the kill up the tree :) 


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This morning was extra chilly and foggy, the fog made the sunrise incredibly beautiful, the whole landscape really glowed.

Our goal for this morning was to go back to the leopards from yesterday and see how the night had taken place, hopefully they would still be in the same place.






We didn´t have to wonder for long, when we got there we found the mother leopard finishing of what was left of the warthog. It was so great to see that they had not gotten a visit from lions or hyenas during the night. We stayed for a while and enjoyed watching the cub playing in the grass and trying to catch birds by jumping up in the air. it was terrible technique but very entertaining :) i didn't take that many photos this time, we where just enjoying their company! 




We were totally focused on the leopards when we heard loots of noise to the left of us, and behold, an elephant in a very odd position. The elephant stood on his hind legs and stretched out his entire body to reach the fruits of a palm tree. An elephant from underneath looks just crazy, quite sweet but crazy :)




On our way back to camp we met a large group of tsesebes, one of them was chosen to keep watch and had positioned itself on an abandoned termite mound.


This day we also had unexpected visits in the camp, a hippo who seemed to think our part of the delta was very yummy for lunch.

Hmm.. didn't Katembo just a few days ago when we did the mokoro ride that the water was to shallow for the hippos in this area :blink: 






Christian - Snooze you loose! :P 



In the afternoon, we actually decided to go back to the leopards again, I mean - when can you sit alone with two leopards again, probably never! Now they were more active compared to the morning. And as if someone swung a magic wand they both jumped up on a fallen tree and peered across the landscape, and doing perfect posing! The leopard is really such a beautiful felines, muscular but agile and graceful in a way that only cats can be.


There is not enough word to describe how magical it is to sit there and study them for a few hours, the photos speak for themselves. Or what do you say?






It started to get dark and we were ready to go, but Katembo read some signs that the leopard mother was about to go for a hunt. A Reedbuck with a kid were close, so we decided to wait and see what could happen. And in a impressive Houdini style the leopard became invisible, we saw how she cringed but could not even if we knew where she had went down spot her. It could have been a successful evening for the leopards if it were not for a tiny bird. The bird was alarming and gave away the leopard's presence and the Reedbuck leapt away, far beyond the reach of our brave leopard, I think you can see the disappointment in her eyes :( 


It is fascinated how animals from completely different species interact and understand each other. The little bird, of course, did not warn the Reedbuck, it warned other birds, but the Reedbuck understood and read the sounds and patterns, which saved them. I think it's really cool, what if we humans would live in the same symbiosis with other species ...






The sun had gone down and on our way back we heard a crazy scream, it was a bunch of hyenas (wow) who had stolen a pray. They fought very loudly about who would get to eat and not. Biggest goes first, so the matriarch grabbed the whole carcass, she shared it however with her little cub. This little hairy creature must have been the most amusing animal I have ever meet. The cub cried constantly and growled against all others so that no one would come near his food. On one time the cub ran around with half a torso in it´s mouth and screamed completely uncontrollable, the entire car was about to fold up with laughter over this scene. When i get the video sorted, you will hear all the craziness, haha! 


It is very special to sit in a completely open car at night (pitch black) surrounded by nocturnal predators, on several occasions one of the younger males circulated the car and constantly sniffed in the air. Since we had only light forward he could just show up at the side of the car suddenly. Not a good time to start thinking about how easy it would be just to jump up and take a bite from the thigh, haha.



Hey you, please stay on the ground...



"..and the price for funnies animal in the delta goes tooo.... Hyena cub!" Jey!!


This was our last day in Botswana and despite a great deal of sadness to go home, it's happy thoughts that dominate, this trip really meet all of our expectations, what we have experienced was definitely life changing -  One thing is certain - we are going back!


I also have to find a playlist of cicadas, frogs and other wild african animals that can replace the soundtrack we got used to this week <3

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On 6/16/2018 at 8:04 AM, safarigirl.se said:

@LarsS Really looking forward to your report! But i must ask - did you fall in love with Botswana? ^_^


I know, I know... I'm way behind writing trip reports of SA in march and Bots in may. Haven't editted a single second of video and even haven't seen all the pictures yet. To make it 'worse', I'm already planning a third trip this year, SA again, to share this experience with my parents.


To answer your question: I've fallen in love with every country I've been on safari. The Bots trip was very special in a unique way. Definitely wanna go back there one day!

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Again great pictures and video. Cool to hear in the hyenas at the end. And I agree, you can never spend too much time with leopards :)

Reading/watching your TR has been a journey on it's own, thanks for the amazing stories, pics and videos!

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Hej @safarigirl.se

What a fantastic report. I am so happy you had such a great time on your mobile safari in Botswana. Your trip was really excellent, with great sightings! I must say I just love your leopard photos of course, but to me what really stand out are the sunrise photos - just amazing! 



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