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Bush dog

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Beautiful picture with the papyrus background

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A selection of birds : Square tailed nightjar.     Striped kingfisher.     Wattled plover.     Emerald-spotted wood dove.  

Now, some elephants.             Scared elephants.     Elephants in defensive formation.    

First let's start the chapter Busanga Plains by an overview.   Ballooning above the plains.  In his free time, the owner of it puts his person and his vehicle at the disposal of Scouts to pa

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Bush dog

@marg The pleasure would have been just as much for me.


@kilopascal Thanks! That picture is one of my favorite of this trip.

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Bush dog

Selection of birds.






Fülleborn’s longclaw.




Spur-winged goose.




Marabou stork.




Red-winged pratincole.




Half-collared kingfisher.






Rosy-throated longclaw.




Plain-backed pipit.




And an insect, the cicada.



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Like the photographs of the birds.

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Love the little kingfisher!

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Bush dog

Almost all the following pictures are showing elephants adopting a defensive behavior or running away.




















This young elephant had been, right before our eyes, ejected from its herd.  Probably, not yet realizing what was really going on, it tried to reintegrate it anyway, but each time the matriarch pushed it gently but firmly away.  It looked desperate.  I can understand it.  How would one react if, having spent 10 to 15 years in a group, one was suddenly rejected.  Its behavior towards us was very restless and full of frustration.  Perhaps it held us responsible for its distress?  Still, I felt a little sorry for what was happening to it and that was for it the beginning of a long life of loneliness and wandering.



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Bush dog

A last batch of roan pictures.
















And the last birds.


Western banded snake eagle.




Martial eagle.




Lappet-faced vulture.



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Amazing shot of the Pratincole @Bush dog - how did you get so close?


In addition to other great photos, I like the Cicada very much.

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2nd Lion photo in Post 25 is a cracker - well done @Bush dog.Great report mate.

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Bush dog



Thank you!


I did not get so close, it got so close to us.  I had, so far, never seen such a car-friendly pratincole. 





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Bush dog

Cross country course for lion.
















The last pictures of this report:


Smoky island.




Misty and smoky morning.




Thanks to all of you!

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A great report - and what a magnificent last lion photo 

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@Bush dog, thank you for such an interesting report and beautiful photographs, the wife and l have thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

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Game Warden
1 hour ago, Bush dog said:




Fantastic Mike. What a shot! Cheers, Matt.

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Thank you for sharing @Bush dog. awesome photos as always. loved those male lions snugging against each other and that of the puku against the papyrus. we didn't see a single lion when we were in the plains last year though we heard sightings of them from the Shumba guides. 

There was a lot of burning while you were there! 



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@Bushdog, thanks for yet another superb report,  Mike.  The final male lion pictures jumping over water and swimming in it cap many other wonderful pictures. 

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Thanks for another great report @Bush dog with stunning photos.


I remember lots of smoke when I was there in early August 2007 - roans were placid but elephants nervy.


Remember being told Busanga is Kaonde for many rivers. Never been back and following your report has been a real pleasure and triggered many memories.

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@Bush dog  I can't wait to revisit Kafue. I will do so later in the year when it's simply drier. I will combine it with LIuwa Plains. I think that it's without a doubt an upcoming park with just enormous potential. Yes, I really do believe that African Parks and Paul Tudor Jones are going in.

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Lovely report and those final images of the lions really caps it off! Thanks for sharing

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On 10/13/2018 at 1:52 PM, Bush dog said:






Amazing photos, the colors are just fantastic.. and so interesting to se the formation defending the younger ones. Thank you for sharing! 

Edited by safarigirl.se
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