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Bush dog

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On 10/12/2018 at 11:40 AM, CDL111 said:

@Bush dog, the wife and l are looking forward to the remainder of your report as we are looking for a different location to visit. Have watched @LarsS videos and the are also helpful.

Thanks for watching my vids @CDL111 Have you may be decided to visit Kafue after these reports?

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A selection of birds : Square tailed nightjar.     Striped kingfisher.     Wattled plover.     Emerald-spotted wood dove.  

Now, some elephants.             Scared elephants.     Elephants in defensive formation.    

First let's start the chapter Busanga Plains by an overview.   Ballooning above the plains.  In his free time, the owner of it puts his person and his vehicle at the disposal of Scouts to pa

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Bush dog



Sorry for the late answer but it's been a while since I've been on this topic.  Thanks a lot for your comments!


So here are the answers to your questions.


Yes, the bathroom is still outside in the tents at Busanga.

Concerning the charging elephant, we quickly understood, my guide Powell and myself, that it was a mock charge, a matter of body language.

Powell did not tell me anything about a potential underground network connecting the termit mounts.

Indeed, I saw a lot of elephants, very touchy and sometimes really agressive.  Probably because hunters outside the park or (and) poachers inside.

And talking about hunting, I just learn in a new topic that one of the two males ruling on the Busanga Plains had recently been killed by hunters ouside the park .

The one we are talking about is, I think, this one




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@Bush dog trophy hunting of elephants in Zambia only occurs in Luangwa and near Lower Zambezi I think, not around Kafue as far as I know.

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I some how got linked to this excellent thread today so have just caught up.

Loved the photos of the Mock Charge and the leaping lion (scaring a Jacana as he came). I know the thread is old now but have to point out that your post on October 23rd 2018 had a misnamed bird. Your Half-collared Kingfisher was in fact a Juv Malachite. I know. I should get out more but when I do I find more birds!:)

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Bush dog



Thanks a lot for your comments!

Concerning the kingfisher, I know.  James (was guiding at Musekese two years ago) who I met at Sausage Tree last September told and explained it to me.

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