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Galana's. Third big year.

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The leopard is actually playing with Sausage fruit. We watched as he went up the tree and jumped around hitting them with his paws. Spent more time watching Cats and Dogs than photoing birds.


Moving on..1-DSCN4499.JPG.7a4e04ed5d95795eb2083db5ad06dd9e.JPG


401. Lizard Buzzard. Norman Carr Drive. For those that don't know of him he was the first Game Warden of the then new South Luangwa NP back in Northern Rhodesia days. He stayed on and founded his Safari company at Kapani Lodge which is still owned by the family. He also raised to orphaned lion cubs and released them back into the wild. Pre-dating Joy Adamson by many years. His book, "Back to the wild" which I have, did not catch the media attention that "Elsa" did some years later.







402. Swainson's Spurfowl. Distinguishable from Red-necked Spurfowl by the brown legs but I have no idea how to distinguish a Spurfowl from a Francolin..




403. Meyer's Parrot. South Luangwa. Back lit and heavily doctored.





404. Natal Spurfowl.  South Luangwa.



405. Yellow Canary. Main road, South Luangwa. Spotted and captured whilst watching elephants.



406. Woolly necked Stork. Main road Mfuwe.




407. Collared Palm Dove. Mfuwe Bridge. Not often you get this normally skulking bird to pose on the open and sing.




408. Verreaux's Black Eagle. South Luangwa. We agonised for ages over this bird as nothing really fit. Eventually plumped for Juv. Black Eagle based on one white line on secondaries and lighter upper parts.


And that's it.




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Wify is still iffy even having used cigarette paper foil for the dish. So having gone into the park on Christmas morning I was joined by some cousins in singing a few carols. A selfie o

Not really. It is just that being a capture on my 'trail camera trap' my processing is limited on this netbook. Incidentally having been born within a few km of one of Nessies relatives, google "

Not a mammal but just for @pedro maia I did get a decent shot of Nessie with my trail camera near Castle Urquart. This is a youngster. The adults are much darker and shyer.

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11 hours ago, Galana said:

Norman Carr Drive. For those that don't know of him he was the first Game Warden of the then new South Luangwa NP back in Northern Rhodesia days.


and he is, I believe, buried in South Luangwa. I am sure I have passed his grave whilst on game drives.

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5 hours ago, Soukous said:

I am sure I have passed his grave whilst on game drives.

I am not sure about an actual grave but there is large memorial to him on Elephant loop alongside Mushroom Lagoon.


Now what to do about that tortoise just ahead.?

I do have some rough shots of as yet UFOs but that hardly seems fair just to put my nose ahead as we are both well short of the pack this year.

I also have a couple of 'shared' captures from an earlier trip when my camera focus was not quick enough.





but despite the temptation, for which there are precedents, I feel I should let that Tortoise off the hook til next year. After all he may put on weight and be even more delicious.

So. 408 it is for 2019.

Not my best shot but I can claim distractions.






As my report will eventually show.


On to 2020.


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An excellent Big Year - well done. It has been very informative and entertaining.

I think the Leopards are a valid excuse!

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pedro maia

It was a pleasure to follow your BY!!

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Peter Connan

408 is a worthy total for anybody. That is considerably beyond my complete lifetime bag!

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Cats (even cat in a sausage) and dogs are always valid distractions from feathers that fly! Loved every postcard from the bush and thoroughly enjoyed your entertaining BY.


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Thanks all. Working on some videos for U tube now and then to turn to the promised TR so you can see what else we got up to in Zambia.

https://youtu.be/CqUxtK_7cRY   Try this from my Trail camera at Wildlife camp. Eyes left at the start to catch a baby.
Edited by Galana
Additional photo.
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Aah, Wildlife Camp. One of my favourite places to stay in South Luangwa. Great location and great value, and it's run by by a mate. 

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On 1/11/2020 at 11:38 AM, Soukous said:

Great location and great value, and it's run by by a mate. 

True enough. We had Christmas lunch with Herman and the family.

No Turkey. Vegans look away! We had Warthog.:o

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Zim Girl

Very enjoyable Big Year and over 400 birds is a great result.

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