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First African Safari: It was about time!


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@Atdahl thanks for your wonderful TR. The Porini camps in the Mara conservancies are high on my list for January 2021.

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I have been a member of SafariTalk for over 6 years, but have never been to Africa.  I figured I was in danger of getting booted out of this community if I didn't get to Africa soon.     So,

Despite all of our travels, one thing has been sorely missing; Africa.   In part, this is because figuring out where to go in Africa was overwhelming due to the huge number of possible count

Kenya Day 2 (Part 2) - Porini Amboseli   The camp itself was very nice.  The Selenkay Conservancy is filled with large bushes but the camp was built among some cool looking trees.  Before ou

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On 2/8/2020 at 3:07 PM, shazdwn said:

if you had to choose between Porini Mara and Porini Lion which would you pick and why? 


@shazdwn ooo that is a toughie! I felt like more "action" happened at Mara, but Lion had soooo many lion cubs. This is of course dependent on which prides have cubs at what time. If I had to pick only one I would probably go with Mara :)


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Thanks @monalisa - sounds like you can't go wrong either way.  We may yet do both but are also contemplating Oltepesi because of their specially modified photography vehicles.  

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Very nice TR. It will be hard to beat, but as I use to say : "the best safari is the one you still have to do, so keep going ".  :D

Since I had many missed kill before I got a successful one,  I can understand @monalisa screaming "get it , get it" :D

Hope you will be back in Africa soon to read another nice TR.




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