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Madikwe - Awesome time @ Buffalo Ridge with the family

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Thanks @Peter Connan for the correct bird ID - I had a feeling I was wrong. Thanks for following along with the report.


Thanks @michael-ibk for the kind words. I am lucky I married a South African and we travel back there every 2-3 years and get a Safari experience. We have done a couple of family Safari's and love them as a family - great bonding time.

My kids loved the Cheetah and Leopard the most - but I try and teach them to enjoy all the experiences they see in the bush even at home here in Western Australia. 

We were very lucky seeing the brown Hyena - I did not get an awesome clear shot of one though but thrilled all the same.

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Family Safari in Madikwe A small taste of what's to come - on our first Madikwe game drive.  

A couple of weeks after FIL (Father in law) and I came back from a self driving Safari in Kruger the entire family all went to Madikwe.   The entire family included my wife and 3 kids plus F

I must admit it was good to get into a nice Safari routine with the Family and be driven around by a guide. How did the kids go on Safari - They were fantastic. They completed all 6 game drives (

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I'm glad you finally found your cheetah.  3 brown hyenas?!  You have a reason for a toast with the sundowners 

Quit hogging the brown hyena. I think you have some clear hyena shots.   Nice into the sun shots.


The mynas and LBR is really cool.  The male "old man" lion must have been on a hill.  Great angle.  Love the fighting impalas.  Your family will be asking, "When can we go back?"



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Thanks @Atravelynn for following along, yes we got lucky with the Brown Hyena.

The "old man" lion was on a slight hill looking very handsome.

Not only will the family be asking t go back I am very keen as well :) 

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@Hads Wonderful trip report. Looks like kids enjoyed it thoroughly!

I am planning to introduce my 5 year old to Africa next year. Looks like Madikwe can be great option!

Just wanted to ask, did you need the kids' birth certificates to enter SA (even if both parents names are mentioned in the passport)? Is that requirement still in place? Written permission from parents if a child is not accompanied by parents (my brother in law's daughter is also keen on joining us along with my mother in law).

Thanks for sharing!



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Hi @vikramghanekar yes we needed a certified copy of the kids birth certificates to enter SA.

I would also have the letter from your brother in law regarding taking your niece along.

Madikwe was a great option for kids.

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