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And last but not least, I simply cannot resist sharing this Gabon TR that I saw on Lonely Planet... Kongou Falls to Langoué Camp


For those of you think that our  2 trips were zany, take a look at this one :D :D :D It's a keeper.

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Here we go, @gatoratlarge Only for you I am not sure whether this was a mobile throne room for the King of the Benga, or a permanent residence. I should ask. @Kitsafari, I  think the black tusks

Bwiti     Michael and Jane have already described our shared Bwiti experience beautifully, so I won’t go over that, except to say that I find this to be a very interesting way to s

Thank you all so much for your encouragement. Group 1 has written such a comprehensive and beautiful piece that I really can't add much more in terms of facts, logistics and sightings. So I'm going to

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Thanks so much for Part II of this amazing adventure. It’s been a ride, and I really enjoyed it.  

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I really enjoyed both reports, and some of the fabulous photos. Gabon definitely seems like a country with a lot to offer. 

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Starting late next year, apparently there will be a luxury lodge going in somewhere in Loango Park! That will be quite interesting to see https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-11-18/gorillas-forest-elephants-lure-sfm-investment-in-gabon-s-forest I note that the article mentions that the lodge will be "in a coastal area in the Loango National Park that can only be reached by plane." Ha! Can only be reached by plane? Maybe, if you're not an intrepid adventurer such as those that were on these two trips! The article mentions that eventually this company plans to have six lodges, plus a sugar project. Sounds like Gabon will be rapidly changing so if one wants to experience it as it is now, it would be best to go soon.

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Zarek Cockar

I'm very late to the game here, but I've FINALLY just finished reading this report.  @Sangeeta you and I will chat.

VERY jealous of ALL the sightings.  The RRH, the Gorillas, the Mandrill!!, the Pel's Fishing Owl!!  

AND THE ANOMALURE!!  Talk about serious LIFER mammal.  Well, for me anyway.  I would think Lesser, rather than Beecroft's, but I've never seen one in real life, and I don't have my books on me to check all the details.   
The two Gabon reports have brought me lots of joy.    Thank you all for contributing.

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