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A Trip to the Top of the World: Svalbard, August 2019


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I’m glad you found your way back, and thanks so much for your kind words. 

On 12/24/2019 at 2:03 PM, Sangeeta said:


@gatoratlarge and I are doing floe-edge camping in the Baffin Islands this year (mainly for narwhal & bears)

Wow!  That sounds intriguing. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do a trip there, although I haven’t put in a full effort, so I’m already looking forward to your report back. 

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Well, enough of the pre-trip drama.    We spent 4 days in Oslo before arriving in Longyearbyen on August 21.  We boarded our ship on the afternoon of August 22 and returned to port on the n

This trip was different from any other I’ve taken in a number of ways.   First, our nature-oriented travel has, until now, been concentrated in Africa and the tropical Americas. This was o

As it turned out, it was a mother and cub.  Svein and the guides and crew were quite happy about this.  The mother was a young female, known to them, and this was thought to be her first cub. Both loo

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I was happily gliding along calm waters with you and thought, yes one day I can do this trip on still waters, well, that is until I came to the 23-foot water walls. that's a major reason why I won't do the drake sea crossing to the antartica, and now I wonder about Svalbard. 


Thank you for such a great TR, really enjoyed sailing with you and just immersing into a different universe of peaceful silence and solitude and other-worldly landscapes. and those polar bears! and walruses - just incredible. 

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This has been an amazing tripreport! Very well written, great pictures! BTW, norwegians aren`t allowed to get seasick, it says so in our birthcertficates ;-) 

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