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GAME: name that bird!


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One rule: if you got it right, you're next to post an image of a bird (if it's not your own, get one off the net, but please obtain the copyright holder's permission beforehand, and put a copyright-tag!)




I'll start.


What species is this?



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I've always viewed the thread "Where was the picture taken" as an extension of this thread "Name the bird", except that the former had to have a picture of wildlife, not necessary a bird. I think both

Woo Hoo! You got it. @mvecht It is a female Jungle Bush Quail. Shot (with a camera ) in Ranthambhore n November 2019     and here is the male    

~ Dear Friends @Soukousand @Galana:   Thank you so much for your kind comments above. I'm grateful for your interest in the East Asian students who have enjoyed playing this game.  

Posted Images

Toppy or bulbul


Blackeyed Bulbul (Pycnonotus barbatus)

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Guest John Milbank

No idea (my field guides for African birds are limited) :D


But I am most relieved that Jochen added "copyright holder's permission" to "copyright tag" as a condition of lifting any pics from the 'net. Far too many people on the 'net think that they can use any images from the 'net as long as they acknowledge copyright. Wrong. Permission is absolutely necessary as well.


I get very angry about the disrespect which is shown for copyright. My wife and I have successfully sued a company for using one of her pics from the internet without permission, and I have had my images removed from a website which failed to get my permission to use them. Beware! It might cost you.

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juvenile Marshall?

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Correct Nyama


Long-crested eagle




Now its your turn.

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Wow, this topic kicked off fast.


FWIW; you were right, Dikdik: my pic was a common bulbul.



Nyama, this one's so easy I'm gonna let a rookie have a go.


(Mr. Lanting? Care to answer? *)







(* juuust kidding)

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Cmon Nyama,


You can do better than that. Let’s leave it to someone else.


Should we call it a LBR?



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OK I'll state the obvious - its a Lilac breasted Roller - one of the few birds I'm able to recognise.


OK, so whats this one ? I'm being kind and not going for an LBJ. :D



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Looks like a Black-headed Weaver to me (aka Village Weaver) - male.

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Looks like a Black-headed Weaver to me (aka Village Weaver) - male.


Close but not quite right. Its a weaver but not the black headed.

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Vitelline Masked Weaver?


Afraid not. Try again :D


Looks like my pic wasnt as easy as I thought it would be.

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