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Zipping around Botswana (April 2019)


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1 hour ago, deano said:

but sometimes it is best to just remember the sighting and leave the animals to do their thing.


Nicely put @deano and what a different but memorable sighting on your final drive.

Cheers and Here's to the Next Safari !

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Stunning finale and I certainly won't forget those Jackal and Hyena photos Tha

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Terrific trip report and really interesting sighting with the hyena on the giraffe at the end.  Very enjoyable read!

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On 6/17/2020 at 3:13 AM, deano said:

I am late again with a trip report. I am sorry for that and also sorry for being off the forum for a while. Work got in the way.


But it has actually worked-out as being a blessing in disguise since we were supposed to be heading off to Zambia and SA about now but, like others I am sure, that trip has been cancelled. So this trip report will allow me to re-live last year's trip to Botswana and share it with Safaritalk of course. 


I'll insert a pic now.....because it has been a while and I need to figure out how to do it all over again.




If you read my last trip report (also Botswana) you might remember that I had stated that we were supposed to be heading to Zambia in June of 2019 so you might wonder why we ended up back in Botswana in April 2019? Well it was work again - I had a project with a completion date of June and decided that I would rather get my Africa trip over and done before that so we settled on Botswana again but this time with And Beyond and one of their Mobile Camping Expeditions as they call them. Basically a copy of a trip by @safarigirl.se in April 2018 and then four nights in a traditional camp  - a new(ish) one by Wilderness Safaris called Qorokwe.


Our trip was slightly different to @safarigirl.se- fly to Kasane and then two nights in Chobe, two nights Savute, two nights Moremi and then two nights Nxai Pan before a switch to Wilderness Safaris (back in Moremi) at Qorokwe Camp.


Okay - I'll hit submit now and see if this still works!


Hope all is well with my friends at Safaritalk.


Kind regards



Looking so much forward to reading your TR! We need to travel in mind these days! I´m starting to write about our trip to Kalahari in feb this year! :D 

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@deano   I read your trip report as you were posting it.  Thanks so much.  I very much enjoyed it.  And, loved the videos and music at the end of each day's report.  Sorry for the tardiness!

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Thank you @deanofor your report, I greatly enjoyed it and it gave me a lot of inspiration.

Your style of writing is very entertaining and great photography and lovely videos animate the story wonderfully. 

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