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Galana's Fifth - The only way from here is UP!

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oh and a belated well done on the "100" , already a distant memory...

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Well I am in. I have thought long and hard as to changing my style, particularly after the last year but decided to stick with the basics. It is a bit of fun and not a sub group of 'young Ph

Thanks for the good wishes to date which are appreciated and encouraging. On we go. First a regular. Better ones possible but they say the first time is the best. 008. Robin. Balla

The day was not yet done. A lovely soft cooing sound made me look to the shore and there was a nice pair of Eiders getting friendly so spring is in the air. He went coy on her but looked lov

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1 hour ago, elefromoz said:

Yes please keep us posted on the progress of the Peregrine chicks, so exciting being able to check up on them

As at 7th they were well advanced. I have to crop close so as not to reveal 'on line' the exact location so sorry about quality which when added to the lack of depth of field at full zoom does not make for the best of portraits even at 500th/Sec.

But here is one that shows their size now.


L-R   Aramis in the corner, Athos at rear with Porthos in front. Porthos is virtually fully fledged now (at the front view) but still has much down on the back. I stick by my provisional fledge date of 14th. Fingers crossed.


I try to increase quality by only half zooming to increase depth of field for focusing but if anybody has other ideas I would be interested. I don't think a Tripod is  an option and upping the ISO makes them noisy.

Mannannan is wearing his cloak to hide the island from invaders today. (It's Foggy) but I may visit  in the afternoon.

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The fog stayed yesterday so I ventured up earlier this morning. Minutes before Mannannan put his cloak back on.

At first I thought the nest ledge was empty but then I spied young Aramis about 10 feet clear of the nest hunkered down against the mist and wind with the remains of  a Jackdaw to his left.


No sign of Porthos or Athos though and eventually the fog cloaked everything.

A good safety tip. Don't wander steep cliffs in nil visibility so I went home.


But the Gods were kind to me and using the screen P & T were there all the time. Having lost most of their down they are much less visible.

Scan right to the flat rock.


A judicious crop shows them to be well advanced now.

How long before they fly?



Enjoy them while we can.


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wow, growing so fast, incredible

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Today was a Raptor Day.

First to visit the Musketeers and it was good to see them exploring their nest area.

Even Aramis is shedding his down now. Athos is clearly a female but she can keep the name as I think she hatched a day or two after her sibling Porthos who has almost lost his down and looking quite smart.

And we must not forget Mum who has successfully brought all three to this stage. I rarely see Dad but of course I am not there 24/7.



Take a bow Mum. You done good and have made my lockdown bearable.


And moving on, it is Friday and I have weekend chores to plan so I took a Manx Crab Bap and a can of something cool to spend lunch out in the plantation.

First I got a flyby from the lurking Hobby but 'he' beat me to the draw and was gone before I locked on. Shucks.

And as I was finishing the last of my Pasteis de Nata (we do live well) Ask @Game Warden.



a much larger bird flew by and I was quick enough to get a EBC shot through the windscreen to record it. Not only #103 but a first for the Plantation and a first for me on the island.


Can you see what it is yet?



See the tail? No doubt at all.



103. Red Kite. Ballakesh, IOM. I nearly spilled my drink. I have been expecting one for years and today was the day.


And we were not done yet. In between the ubiquitous Goldfnches and Rabbits I was watching a Willow Chaff



when the Hunter became the hunted.

A blurred shape raced by and whacked the Warbler and raced off without so much as leaving a name. Too brown for the Hobby and too small for a Sparrowhawk. 98% sure it was a Merlin but it was over in a flash leaving us both to pick up our jaws. We both saw it but did'n't as it were.

Too much excitement for one day.

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Beautiful Crossibills - they are so cool! And great to watch the Peregrines grow up. But I confess I love the Pasteis photo most - oh, delicious memories. :D

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pedro maia

How do you get Pastéis de Nata in IOM?

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15 hours ago, Galana said:

I was watching a Willow Chaff


You had me reaching for my books as I'd not heard of this one :rolleyes: eventually it clicked

Edited by Soukous
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57 minutes ago, pedro maia said:

How do you get Pastéis de Nata in IOM?

It is a little known fact that IOM is the centre of the Gastronomic world. It's not all "Spuds n 'errings" here.

We bought them in our local Fishmonger's shop whilst choosing a nice Sea Bass for dinner.

The Pasteis proved an irresistible dessert to our Picnic.


56 minutes ago, Soukous said:

as I'd not heard of this one

Don't worry. I think the Merlin got the last one.:P

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pedro maia
54 minutes ago, Galana said:

It is a little known fact that IOM is the centre of the Gastronomic world. It's not all "Spuds n 'errings" here.

We bought them in our local Fishmonger's shop whilst choosing a nice Sea Bass for dinner.

The Pasteis proved an irresistible dessert to our Picnic.


They look good but it’s not possible to know if they taste like they should.

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2 hours ago, pedro maia said:

but it’s not possible to know if they taste like they should.

It was from where I was sitting!:)

Baked by a Portugese Lady and tasting just like the one's I remember enjoying years ago.

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Posted (edited)

I have been out and about and the only possible increase to 103 was a Manx Shearwater but I missed it. We get that and the Balearic variety here and the year is not yet half done so I can be patient a while longer.

We leave for Western Scotland early Thursday so I may not venture forth until boat time. (Eyes glued to the sea to snap up anything this side of our border to add to the  Manx score otherwise it will rest at 103 until our return.

So I have been to see the Musketeers two mornings.

What a difference a few days make.....

I can end their story here as two are now virtually fledged.

Here are all three together yesterday 14th (the day I forecast for either Athos or Porthos to fly)


Not the best of shots, are they ever?, but wee Artemis on the rock and siblings huddled together in his shade.


A clearer shot but not as detailed of the two larger siblings. They are fully mobile around the nest site now and ready to go although they will remain dependent on the adults for a week or so yet..

Today I could not resist another visit if only to say good bye and thanks for making my Lockdown easier than it may have otherwise been.


I arrived to see 'young' Artemis being fed...



He soon left to hide leaving mum to tidy up. The nest area is strewn with remains of prey. Mainly it seems Corvid. That will teach them darn Crows and Jackdaws some manners. I could also see an Oystercatcher or two with perhaps some gull wings too.

So where did young Artemis go?



That's him down slope from mum.  More corvid remains just below the nest site.


So it was goodbye and thanks to Mum as she regained her look out point.



And not to be left out and to make my day....




Dad (much less barred) floated by on fixed wings just to thank me for keeping a look out for his kids and to wish me a pleasant holiday.

So that ends my Peregrine saga. I hope it was not too boring.

I now have to make my peace with the local Recorder for keeping the site secret.:)




Edited by Galana
corrected text
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wonderful to hear the young have fledged and fled! thank you for sharing the updates - they're never boring.


have a great holiday! say hi to the other ST-ers or is it just @Soukous then?

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Have really enjoyed following along with the Peregrine family. Best wishes on a great trip, Im a bit jealous

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Peter Connan

Belated congratulations Fred!


And safe and happy travels too.

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