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2021......a Tortoise in lockdown hibernation?

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Good progress Dave

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The week wasn't quite over ( from a birding prospective) as I had expected earlier today.I had to drive down the coast to the nearest "Screwfix" (DIYshop) and as I was passing I tried a spot I might s

It was the Big Garden Birdwatch over the last weekend so I thought I'd kill an hour and see what was around. 11 species in total during my nominated hour which was chosen out of convenience to me rath

Monday's walk was without a camera but I was messing around taking some shots out of the bathroom window with my 500mm f4 lens and a 2x teleconverter attached. That's 1000mm of reach but you lose a ce

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Fantastic Sparrowhawk Dave! 

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Dave Williams

I spent a week with a friend of mine in Scotland last week, staying where @Galanahad done earlier in the summer. Conditions couldn't have been much worse at times but at least everywhere was green and I didn't have a guilty conscience about using as much water as I needed from the spring the cottage draws it's supply from. The trip was never about birds but the still rather rare and elusive Pine Marten, a creature I had never seen before never mind photograph. However, I did get out of the cottage for a drive on a couple of occasions and along the way spotted a new bird for my BY. A pair of high flying 136) White-tailed Eagles, a species I have seen just once before and then too far away to photograph. This was no exception really but the BY demands EBC!


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Good to see you got out of the Glen at times.

Nowt wrong with that bird.

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That is always such a good find! I haven’t seen one for quite some time either.

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7 hours ago, Dave Williams said:

first I have seen in several years too!

Never seen one sitting. Great find.

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