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A return to Magical Kenya in the middle of the global Pandemic; A wet wet wet Mara; Cheetah everywhere; Chalo Africa with Asilia; Superb Naboisho Conservancy and lots lots more................


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In brief, The MPCP and their plans with the Cheetah project .......... 


1.) Rough estimate of the Resident Mara cheetah population is 50 (Cheetah over the age of 1) - Mara reserve, Triangle and 16 private conservancies combined.

2.) Plans to collar a few male Dispersers to see where they move to in establishing their own territory.  Possibly project to collar has been delayed due to Covid and funding........ Hope is to also coordinate efforts with the Serengeti Cheetah project if this happens.  

3.) Some history about the individual cheetahs they monitor - so many of the current Mara cheetah are from the Amani family tree.  She's still around between Mara North and OMC and i think might have cubs too!!


What changes have i seen?  Just that I'd say the conservancy model is such a conservation success!!! One would only think of the big 4 or 5 conservancies - Mara North, OMC, naboisho and maybe Ol Kinyei and the Cottor's one ..... but, fact is there are 16 conservancies at the moment. Plans are in the pipeline for a couple more new ones.  Also, Wild dogs making a comeback in areas like the Lemek conservancy.


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With such low population numbers there would be concerns about low genetic diversity 


sounds like the cub survival rate is low 


do you have any idea as to the size  of the female/cub range  and the male cheetah  territories?

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good news on the wild dogs, and on how successful Amani's legacy is. 

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Such amazing photos!  I was worried watching those cubs cross the river!  Thanks for such a great escape to Africa!

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