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Bird ID help

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it is me again. I know, that the bird of @Soukousis not yet identified but I again need your help with identification :)

And I think here I can find the best birders ;) can you please, help?


picture one:



picture 2



picture 3



picture 4


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@ElenaHTo speed up the IDs could you let us know where (country should suffice) each photo was taken please?

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Game Warden

I split this post to make a new topic, the other one is an ongoing game.


Thanks, Matt,

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@Game Warden, thank you


1. and 3.  Kiskunsag, Hungary;

2. in my garden in Austria;

4. Hansag, Hungary


any ideas?

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@ElenaH I haven't had time to consider all of them properly, but now I know the locations, I will give it some more thought.

I am though sure that number two is a blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla) perhaps an immature male, the adult male has the blackcap, that gives the bird its English name, the female has a reddish brown cap, this one's cap seems a little too dark brown for a female, so I think it's perhaps a young male, I'm not 100% certain of that, but I am sure of the species. So, I would say blackcap for that one. The last one might be a little tricky, but I'll have a think about the other two.


@Game WardenMatt, it occurred to me that it might be an idea to have a dedicated topic/thread for bird identification, where anyone who has birds they can't ID from anywhere in the world, could post their photos, and hope that one of the resident birders will offer identifications, you could have separate topics for each continent, but I think a single one for the world might be better. It could even be extended beyond birds, and include mammals, reptiles, butterflies, even flowers, basically any species someone wants to try and identify. My expertise when it comes to reptiles/amphibians, butterflies and flowers is fairly limited but I'm learning, but I think I and others could take a fair stab at identifying most birds and mammals, that might come up, especially now when no one is travelling anywhere much beyond their backyard. Just ask people to post photos of species they can't ID, along with ideally the precise location or certainly the country where the photo was taken, and then anyone who has time can try and help out.


Anyhow it was just a thought.   



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@ElenaH compliments on the nice photos.


Number one looks like a Whiskered Tern 


Number three looks like a juvenile Black-headed Gull.


Number four might be another Blackcap (female?) but I am not sure about that ID.

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