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South Africa Covid News.

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Game Warden

This topic is for members, (including travel professionals) to share relevant Covid updates for South Africa.


A note on posting:


  1. Your post must include relevant information including a link to a source material. (i.e., news report, health ministry report, official press release, safari operator's new updates).
  2. Country topics are for linking to information pertinent to travel and tourism, how Covid is impacting travel to each respective country and if and when regulations are updated for incoming travelers. Not for more general Covid news.


This topic is not for discussion or speculation and therefore all posts will be subject to moderator approval before being published.


Note: Safaritalk bears no responsibility for the validity of information linked to in this subforum. You are advised to seek further information regarding Covid from your travel agent/operator/airline etc., before making any travel plans.


Thanks, Matt.

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Another bit of info for international travelers landing at OR Tambo in the next few days. 
source is https://www.southafrica.net/ international tourism update 


Read more at the Full link here



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Much appreciated @KaliCA!

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South Africa moves back to an "adjusted" Level 3.  It looks like many of the restrictions on restaurants, liquor sales, etc have been eased a bit.


Here is the formal governmental gazette posting




And here is a blog post with a summary of the new lockdown level.







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All flights from South Africa to UK (and EU) being banned again due to emerging variant.

Also applies to Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe (and Lesotho and eswatini). Shame for those planning Xmas vacations.

(edited by mod)


mod note

@RobjwilliPlease remember to add a link when posting news in these covid threads as requested by GW 



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That's good news for travellers, but it's worth keeping in mind that the reason for the move is that omicron is now so endemic in the UK that these measures of curbing travel are considered pretty useless in stopping the spread. So not great news really in that context but it's probably the right decision as far as travel is concerned 😕

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I am happy that the latest strain of Covid 19 omicron has apparently passed its peak in South Africa.It looks like I will be able to take my safaris in South Africa ,Botswana and Zambia.

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