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In Love in Botswana 2018

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Holiday Botswana March 2018

Day 1: Fly Manchester to Johannesburg via LHR

Day 2: Fly JHB to Maun & Fly to Tau Pan Lodge central Kalahari

Day 3: Tau Pan Lodge

Day 4: Tau Pan Lodge

Day 5: Transfer to Nxabega Okavango

Day 6: Nxabega

Day 7: Nxabega

Day 8: Nxabega

Day 9: Fly to Maun > JHB > LHR

Day 10: Fly LHR > Man





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We had been thinking of a trip to Botswana for many years but the cost had put us off. Then our travel agent suggested how about going in the green season and that will cut the cost. He also came up with Central Kalahari being a good place to visit in March. So after some research we booked this trip.

Over the next few TR posts you will be able to see if it was a good decision or not.


Day 1 6/03/2018: Fly

Fly Man-LHR with BA Ba1399

Then we fly BA55 LHR to Johannesburg on A380. We love the a380 as an economy spot in window seats upstairs gives lots of room.


Day 2 7/03/2018: Fly & stay at Tua pan lodge

Arrive at Johannesburg at 7am; we then have 4 hours free. We find a café with good views of airport for a long coffee break.

Our next flight is a British Aerospace 146 to Maun, only 1.5 hour but food is better that any we had on the BA 11 hour flight! 


Once at Maun we go to the domestic departure room and 1/2hour later fly in a 12 seater plane with pilot Willum.

At Tau Pan Lodge we are met at airstrip and driven to lodge. We have an hour to settle in before tea & cakes and an afternoon game drive.


Tau Pan Lodge 



View from tent decking



Waterhole as seen from lodge 


There is a waterhole seen from the lodge and on first drive as we drive past waterhole on way out and male Lion appears for a drink. 




Only just awake? 


1265940974_day2lionwaterhole.JPG.9e6bab17f9faad169f5480ae31cd40d9.JPG1538852803_day2liondrinking.JPG.f9dbd79c6f78e01c2be8885fcf39c42f.JPG748900029_day2liondrinking2.JPG.e6c17ea0f804f5ade3747bd717358c46.JPG1580876140_day2lioncloseup.JPG.05fd831e57fadf0758dc0ebbc6695b67.JPG1160049821_day2lionleaveswaterhole.JPG.602a3f9eb4b743c11f56064712b068c0.JPG1576840865_day2liongoingaway.JPG.572ef8b20f32bfe9c2eddf51556b27b1.JPGNorthern black korhaan



Northern Black Korhaan

This our first game drive is in a Toyota Land Cruiser which we share with 2 Canadians from Calgary who like to see all the wildlife as we do which make things much easier.  


Good to see another African sunset


When we are back at camp it’s a very quick shower and then evening meal, set for about 18 people at one long table.  I got talking to a couple on their 5th visit to Tau pan so something must be good here!



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Day 3 8/03/2018: Tau pan lodge


5.30am wake up call. Guide collects us a 6am, walk to breakfast then off on drive at 6.30am

We spot Kori Bustards on land and flying. Back at 1pm and after lunch free to rest. 



At 4pm it’s back out for afternoon tea with a delicious beef wrap then out on drive again.


Near the airstrip I spot a puff adder, we stop and some of us get out and look at it. It plays dead while ants climb on it then eats them.






Spotted Thicknee


There is a group of Lions including two big males 




Then two Lions pair away from rest. We are also lucky enough to see a pair of mating lions.




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Day 4 9/03/2018:   Tau pan lodge

We go on a long trip to Destitution Valley today. A Black Mamba crosses track in front of us. Unfortunately it was too quick for us to get a photo.

Today’s game includes lots of Giraffe, Red Hartebeests, Oryx Bat eared foxes, and birdlife.











The camp sent a packed lunch for us to have on the road which we have near the place where the camp of Mark & Delia Owens of “Cry of the Kalahari” was situated.  We are only 20mins from the lodge when we see vultures ahead then 4 Cheetah run out from under a bush at side of track leaving their kill. The driver only could only brake at the last second as they ran out just as we pass.


The cheetahs settle down 100yards away and watch us. We drive into the bush 100 yards the other way and settle to watch them.  After half an hour a Jackal appears and steals part of the cheetah’s kill.  

Later the Jackal returns and takes the rest!  Such an opportunist





Just a couple of birds to finish the day


Crowned Lapwing 



Pale Chanting Goshawk


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Day 5 10/03/2018:  Transfer from Tau pan lodge to Nxabega


Today we have a walking safari with Zibo, a San bushman. He shows us how to make rope from the bark of a tree, use broom as a brush and also shredded to make into a soap/mouthwash. He made a fire rubbing 2 sticks together (one hard wood the other softwood). Then he made a trap for birds and a pit trap for animals, it’s incredibly interesting.


Then we do a short game drive on way to airstrip. The highlight was seeing a family of lions lazing in shade.





And below one missed from the Lions mating


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