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Into the Pack Ice - Svalbard Expedition in Early Summer


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What an amazing trip report and fantastic photographs!

Looks like you had a great trip in spite of the hiccup in the beginning! I feel sorry for Eric though. Appendicitis is no fun.  

I wonder if my trip (May first week) was a bit too early in the season. The temperatures were just too low for comfort of any kind. There was no way I could take off my gloves to shoot and not feel the pain in my fingertips within couple of minutes. 

I guess my next trip to Svalbard (whenever that happens) will be in June/July.

Great TR once again



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Yes, I think the prime time to go is late June into early July. You might not get the gorgeous snow cover but now that I've seen that once I'd be happier to be warmer and get to see more variety of wildlife, more opportunities for zodiac rides and landings.


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On 7/28/2022 at 5:38 AM, MPS said:

But apparently the appetite for bears had somewhat leveled off among passengers folowing the bear on the pack ice and we went out with only one Zodiac, piloted by Ives

Whhaaaaattttt???  Is it possible to have too many bear sightings?  Surely not!


Thanks for your report I really enjoyed it

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Thanks for the finale that I have much enjoyed.

From personal experience, report pending as I only got back Monday, going later is OK although getting the classic shots of Bears on ice will be much harder but is that not why you people buy 'photoshop' products? Bear on rock - change rock to Icy boulder with some deft button pressing and you should get 'Bear on Glacier'.

Footnote. First you must find your bear!:o


It is certainly warmer if you can get shelter from the wind.

Birding is not as good so late as the cliffs may be empty and many waterfowl moulting.

Drones. I had to smile at your homing difficulties. On good authority I know of one skipper who runs a 'score board' like they paint on warplanes totalling 'Drones lost in action'. It is filling up nicely.


Thanks again.

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23 hours ago, Galana said:

Drones. I had to smile at your homing difficulties.

Indeed, but believe it or not, we just returned from another place that was even worse in this respect: newly erupting Meradalir volcano in Iceland. At any time, real swarms of drones are up in the air, you get lots of signal interference and there are helicopters and fixed wing aircraft flying low. Together with the heat and sulphur fumes, this creates a drone graveyard. Compared to that, Svalbard was drone paradise :D

Very much looking forward to your trip report!

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12 hours ago, MPS said:

Very much looking forward to your trip report!

Just started.

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