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Galana's Seventh. Lucky numbers.


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Onwards....My 'image lifer' and one to re-assure Martin that I still have my finger on the button.


How many of these have we all seen whizzing up in front of the car and diving into long grass leaving their ID down to flashes of colour and inspiration?? Well I got one that miscalculated the length  of the grass and paused just long enough.




180. Harlequin Quail. Nyerere NP. Possibly the best photo of my trip. Gosh! It's even in focus.:o



181. Crowned Lapwing. Nyerere NP.



182. Dickenson's Kestrel - Lake Manze.








184.Cattle Egret and friend. Lake Manze.



185. White-faced Whistling Duck. Lake Manze.



186. African Spoonbill. Lake Manze.



187. African Golden (or Yellow) Weaver. Lake Manze in Camp.



188. Southern Cordon-Bleu (Blue waxbill) Lake Manze in camp.




189. White-fronted BeeEater. Lake Manze. In camp and around.



190. If I had known what we were seeing I would have spent more time with this (and given the camera to my alter ego dopple ganger of Martin's imagination.)

Called as 'Squacco' and promptly ignored but the dark colouration and yellow lower mandible suggest 'Madagascar'. It won't change the score but would be nice. Opinions welcome.


More tomorrow.


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Beautiful Bee-eaters and well done with the Harlequin Quail.

Getting very close to 200 now!

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Great sighting and photos of the Harlequin Quail. I can’t really decide on the heron. You may well be right about the Madagascar one.

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Peter Connan

Another Quail!


Some really stunning photos and birds photographed!

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On 3/14/2023 at 4:49 PM, TonyQ said:

Getting very close to 200 now!

So true. Coming up now. One that I am sure @Peter Connanwill appreciate but it was in sequence and not 'specially selected' for the milestone.

All in Lake Manze area of Nyerere NP.



191. Dusky Turtle Dove.



192. Red-eyed Dove.



193. Palm-nut Vulture.



195. Woolly-necked Stork. And a better Great Egret as a bonus.



196. Village Indigo Bird.



196. Boehm's BeeEater.



197. Speckle-throated Woodpecker.



198. Blue-naped Mousebird.



199. Senegal Lapwing.





200. Pearl-spotted Owlet.


Still a few to come so don't go away.

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Peter Connan

Ah, congratulations and thank you!

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Congratulations with your double century Fred !  I am working slowly but surely on reaching my first in the next weeks or months ;)

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On 3/12/2023 at 3:48 AM, Galana said:

Antidote booked for August. Just Emmy, another companion and I.



Congratulations for reaching #200 with a pearly photo!

Edited by xelas
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Congratulations on a speedy double century! Looking forward to even more.

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Zim Girl

Well, that second century whizzed by, well done!

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Congrats on the double century 

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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, xelas said:


Nope. The circum navigation of Kilimanjaro.


Thanks everyone for the Congratulations on my double ton.

I should have done better but those darn cats and ellies would not let me.;)

Edited by Galana
added text.
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Well done on 200, and a great choice of a bird 

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Posted (edited)

On towards the next century???

We are approaching the end of our journey and the bottom of the trip barrel so whilst the first few are in sequence as we spend the last morning slowly driving to Mtemere airstrip we pick up a few stragglers as yet unseen or not yet photographed.



201. Striped Kingfisher.



202. Black Heron doing its thing.



203. Hooded Vulture. Looking at something on the ground but we could not see what it was.

Why is it that whenever I see this bird I think of Disney's "Jungle Book" and Ringo Starr?




204. Pink-backed Pelican at our picnic stop.


And now for something completely different.

Clearly seen at Tandala Camp and I can only come up with a Willow Warbler.


205. Willow Warbler..  Or is it?



206. Little Sparrowhawk.



207. Wire-tailed Swallow. juv.



208. Collared Sunbird.



209. Red-chested Cuckoo. Nailed at last after a frustrating week listening to the calling all around.


And who can resist this???




210. Piping Cisticola.


There are more to come.

Edited by Galana
corrected text
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well it wasn't even a week and you hit the second century. Congrats! brilliant shots of the harlequinn's quail - i've never seen one. and beautiful shots of the owl. your new gear is turning you into a new Galana.

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6 hours ago, Kitsafari said:

harlequinn's quail - i've never seen one. and beautiful shots of the owl. your new gear is turning you into a new Galana.

Thank you Kit. I am willing to bet you have seen a Harlequin Quail on your game drives. BUT unless very sharp all you would see was one or two little birds jump up in front of your vehicle, fly/flutter maybe ten yards and dive down and vanish in long grass. "What the heck was that?"  you will exclaim and your driver will say "Button Quail" or 'Harlequin' and shake his head.

A "new Galana" would be very nice as this old one is getting a bit frayed around the edges and even the new gear is out of warranty.:P

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Last round up for a while...



211. Green Sandpiper.  Lake Manze.


That is almost it for Tanzania unless somebody can tell me what the heck this is....


That tail beats me. Any ideas?


And right up to date now.

We had to nip over to Scotland on family business within days of our return and whilst I was not officially allowed to look at birds I did happen to be in "The Hirsel" at Coldstream and there was a pond and there were some birds and that is how I got back in harness.



212. European Moorhen. The Hirsel, Coldstream, Scotland. 1st March 2023.


And I have not been out since.



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pedro maia

You’re cruising Fred, congrats on that second ton, with a beautiful owl.


I’ going to say something stupid concerning your mistery bird, it looks like some kind of cuckoo to me but I’m sure I’m wrong…

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9 hours ago, pedro maia said:

it looks like some kind of cuckoo to me but I’m sure I’m wrong…

Not stupid at all. a valiant try. I never thought cuckoo and was focussed on starlings but none fit. I will take another look although I got most of the 'regular' cuckoos.  Obrigado!

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Thundering along Fred, congrats on the second century. Brilliant shot of the Quail! Not sure about your Squacco/Madagascar but plenty of Squacco pics with yellow lower mandibles on the net. Your Willow ... doesn´t seem quite right to me but even after going through the books I could not offer a more suitable candidate.

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Thanks. Somebody tell me it is not a Willy Warbler and I will accept not Madagascar Squacco (although the plumage was much darker):o

We looked very hard at the Warbler, it was not shy and tried all sorts of fit Reed, Melodious, Marsh and Garden but kept coming back to the inevitable WW. Habitat was overgrowth surrounding Tandala Waterhole. The first White-winged Widowbird used the same bush.

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Rest period over.


I went out this morning with two missions.

To check if any Divers were still around and to see if my Peregrine pair were back at their usual nest site.

A third was of course to edge my BY forward if possible.


Well there were no signs of any Divers but I did get  a nice photo of one of 6 Ringed Plovers doing their mating display.



And an early Gannet gave me a fly by and product improvement opportunity.





And one addition to my BY.



213/IOM031.  Cormorant.  Off Point of Ayre. IOM.


Down to the cliffs there was no sign of Peregrines which was strange but they do switch sites some years. I shall keep an eye out for where.


But I got another tick for the year...



214/IOM 032.  Raven. Maughold Head.


and another product improvement....


Common Gull. Port e Vullen, IOM.



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Dave Williams

Good to see you back safely Fred. You have an impressive and enviable count of African species. Some excellent photographic captures in the collection and I'm impressed you are now giving out tips too, one I'm sure will be frondly remembered,

but I'm pleased to see you haven't forgotten your roots either!

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Peter Connan
On 3/18/2023 at 3:18 AM, pedro maia said:

You’re cruising Fred, congrats on that second ton, with a beautiful owl.


I’ going to say something stupid concerning your mistery bird, it looks like some kind of cuckoo to me but I’m sure I’m wrong…


Strangely that was my first reaction too.

Great Spotted perhaps?

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6 hours ago, Peter Connan said:


Strangely that was my first reaction too.

Great Spotted perhaps?

Thanks to @pedro maiaand Peter. Just shows how these things fool us all at tikmes.

Two votes for Cuckoo caused me to go back to the original full size picture and read the data. This let me work out where it was and when. 11th Feb at 11.07 (camera time). Then it became clear. We were parked over a stream having stopped to photo Jacobin Cuckoo and Thick-billed Weaver 11.06 - 11.08. Indeed the bush held other skulkers and we were stopped for some time. Then I noted on the original mystery shot another bird just below.1-DSCN2279.JPG.f88b543b24a8a17d0da645d9c8093927.JPG

I still favour Cuckoo although the new stranger is Ashy Starling. thanks for at least letting me move on from this.


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