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we are planning our first trip to tanzania and at present are working with bill given. i noticed he organized your tour. would you still recommend this organization. were there any problems that you feel we should be aware of.

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July 10, 2011   The weaver bird nests at the hotel are just as active as they were when I was here 2 years ago. I feel like I'm saying hello to old friends as I see them they zip back and forth from

Could that possibly be a leopard?     Leopard No. 2 you say?     Wait, wait, that can't possibly be! But it is. Leopard No. 3!       And soon after that...    

Thanks so much for your kind words, GW, Shreyas, Hari & Jochen.   July 11, 2011   5 AM. "Good Morning. Your water for washing is ready." We will wake up to these same words eve


I'm 100% with Tanya on this. There are a lot of safari planners out there, but very few who really place emphasis on wildlife. I think you're in excellent hands with Bill. He pulled our trip out of the hat just when I was getting ready to call it quits on a reasonably priced mobile safari. Tell him what you want and listen to his suggestions as well. He really knows what he's saying.

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Sangeeta, what an excellent trip (and trip report, of course). Thank you! I remember when you were first thinking about how to arrange a mobile in the Serengeti. It's good to read that it all worked out so well. Terrific photos! You tricked me with the rogue caracal.


That's very troubling about Loliondo, though.

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Thanks, Leely. Yeah, I was sort of fixated on the mobiles then, wasn't I? At this point, I am willing to go anywhere and stay anywhere, as long as it's Africa and cheap :)


Looking forward to reading about your newest Kenya adventures as they happen...

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