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9 days in South Luangwa

Wild Dogger

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I was about to say that! Tafika usually stays open the first 2 weeks of November. Some of the Norman Carr Safaris camps too Kakuli, Mchenja), but that varies a bit more.

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So it was South Luangwa Valley this year, no Botswana, no Kwando. The mission was to see more than the one Leopard we used to see per trip. Maybe no Wild Dogs, but you never know;)   The original

06.11.2011 Leave the Lodge at 6 for our first morning drive.     All our friends are out there:     South Luangwa is Elephant country. And these guys are relaxed. Good sightings!   Puku

The night drive:   The rain should quickly stop, we didn´t get really wet.   We went of for our night drive with Steve on the spot light. One thing, that I was concerned about and which we were n


Yeah, I think Mchenja is open a week or 2 into Nov, and Kakuli stays open all year. I guess they take guests in by boat at some times.

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Great report and photos WD The giraffe are a first for me. One really bad aspect of your whole trip was drinking warm white wine! We should be insured against drinking warm white wine Yuck :rolleyes:

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Your English is only exceeded by your photos!

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But going in November means, that you dont have that much choices. Most camps (if not all) in the Nsefu sector and northern areas are closed.




Not ALL Thomas ;)

Spent a magic 12 nights @ Tafika from Nov 1st last, it was still pretty dry, so had amazing predator action. They do close Nov 15th.

I even had fairly good sightings (eg. Aardvark!) for my last 6 nights from Nov 12 @ Luangwa River camp (Mfuwe region), keeping away from the crowds as much as was possible.




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I really enjoyed that. You don't need English (not that there is anything actually wrong with yours) with all the photos. Lots of interesting sightings, beautifully photographed, make it seem not so bad at all in November (although of course I don't know the cost or the expectation you had). I'm trapped in end/beginning of year travel too, although I can fortunately also travel in October.


Discussion was all very interesting too as I'd love to go to Zambia - it always sounds like the kind of place I'd like, and you haven't put me off at all. :)

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