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Who am I?



A bunny hugger off course! rolleyes.gif How many times have I heard the word; BUNNYHUGGER or another GREENIES! Why is it that if ones cares deeply about animals or conservation that in many circles you are frowned upon? When have we become so far removed from our planet and the creatures that share our world that days go by without us even once thinking about what is happening all around us.

Global warming is just a word until ones picks up a dead penguin on a beach and then another and another. What is happening we ask? The clever guys will soon tell us that fish stocks have moved on and that the fish that have stayed behind is being wiped out by trawler fishing and that soon South Africa will no longer have any penguins.

The hunting of captive bred predators is okay until you are faced with starving lions staring at you from the other side of the fence or until you see a magnificent black maned lion dragged by his tail through the dust to a crate in which he will be transported to a hunting camp to meet his death when up to 18 bullets is fired into his body. For the hunter, the professional hunter and the girls along on the party the hand shaking, pats on the back and laughter is all part of this sick game - a game that makes someone feel contented and powerful as if he/she had achieved something in life?

What will you say if you see a lioness run up and down inside a camp with her jaws dripping blood because she chewed on the fence to reach her cubs a couple of yards down. She gave birth to them only a week ago and can hear and smell them calling for her, but the fence keeps her away from them while people walk past oblivious to her trauma and motherly pain. She is only a breeding machine to supply more hunting trophies to the sick sport of canned lion hunting.

Well this bunny hugger cannot be oblivious to what is going on in my beautiful country. I get livid and I get angry and I will do what I can to change the status quo.

For all of you who care - go out a print a T-Shirt - "I am a bunny hugger and proud of it"! Till next time, go well and make sure to hug a couple of bunnies today and tomorrow until we speak again.


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