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      @Galana   Seeing that beautiful but frightened leopard is  not how I remember my night drives around Tafika back in 2014 either ; the first one I ever saw  was at night posing with grace before us as you can see in my report of that trip and returning to camp I couldn’t stop talking about that encounter with our future best friends Judy and Ian  ; even if it is said that the Valley has changed I shiver by the thought of Zambian National Parks becoming like that but let’s end on a positive note with some exceptional sightings you had apart from the painted dogs like that more than decent picture of the Lesser Gallinule and those gracious Cranes which take me back to the Busanga Plains 
    • PeterHG
      Thank you @TonyQ! We used a Dutch nature tour company (SNP), but I do not know which local agent they used,
    • PeterHG
      An amazing SA total and great photography. 
    • PeterHG
      Thanks for the final count, @pedro maia! It was a joy to participate and congratulations to @Kitsafari. Participating was fun and seeing so many great  birds and photos from so many parts of the world never ceases to amaze me,
    • Caracal
      Thoroughly enjoying this report @Treepol following your travels through places familiar to me. I hadn't realised that the Yellow Rosella is a sub-species of the Crimson Rosella. Many great sightings but I have to say I'm so impressed with your photo of the Eastern Whipbird. That bird is hounding me! It's so elusive. Most mornings when I walk the rail trail through the patch of bush there's that distinctive sound generally very close but can I get a good sighting - No Way! 
    • TravelMore
      Never tired of leopards!  Does E.P. limit 6 guests per vehicle?
    • TravelMore
      I agree as well! Even though I come in with a 8 or 9 hour difference I'm up and outside before morning light, especially to listen .... if lucky to hear lions! Great shots at the pool with the water drops!!
    • Treepol
      @Soukous @Galago @Zim Girl thanks for reading along and your encouraging comments.    Day 9   Peaceful Doves were pecking around the motel early this morning as we packed the car to begin the trip south to Airey’s Inlet along the Great Ocean Road. An Australian Hobby perched on a fence post near Maldon, our breakfast stop today.     Maldon Main Street   Muckleford Nature Reserve was our first stop for Red-capped Robin, a colourful bird that didn’t wait around for photos, however the tiny Buff-rumped Thornbill was more co-operative.     We drove to Brisbane Ranges NP in search of the shy and secretive Chestnut-rumped Heathwren which was heard but not seen.   Brisbane Ranges NP   The wildflowers in this park were very colourful and included the Blue Pincushion plant and a pretty daisy.     The Scarlet Robin was very confiding and a Pallid Cuckoo showed well.       We ate lunch at Anakie picnic site inside the park where an Olive Oriole flew around and a Tawny Frogmouth and chicks were found in a high nest.       The last couple of hours was spent at the Western Treatment Plant which is a haven for water birds. Black Swan and Royal Spoonbills dozed. Pied stilts waded in the shallows, Bar-tailed Godwits relaxed nearby and 2 Red Knots slept just ahead of them.       Sharp-tailed Sandpipers and Whiskered Terns shared a quiet corner of the most active pond.     A Red-kneed Dotterel fished in a smaller pond and was later joined by a Black-fronted Dotterel and a Curlew Sandpiper fishes alone.           This Sandpiper found a solitary rock away from the mob.    
    • ElaineAust
      Hi @Galago Yes that heli trip left me smiling from ear to ear.  I understand it was not a usual activity but the pilots were going up to check out if the buffalo herds were invading the community lands at the edge of the park.  Flying through the gorge at eye level with the birds was great. I was also invited to go out one morning with the rhino dehorning crew but that had to be cancelled due to heavy rain.  Next time. Cheers Elaine
    • Caracal
      Fascinating info about the Pearl-spotted Owlet's trick and to see the proof @Galana. Whenever there is mention of Scops Owl I am reminded of its persistent and repetitive calling throughout the night years ago at Nsefu. Disturbing to read about and see the video of that harassed lion but otherwise its been great to read about more great sightings.  
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