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    • Zim Girl
      Terrific trip report and really interesting sighting with the hyena on the giraffe at the end.  Very enjoyable read!
      @deano   Stunning finale and I certainly won't forget those Jackal and Hyena photos Tha
    • Caracal
      Nicely put @deano and what a different but memorable sighting on your final drive. Cheers and Here's to the Next Safari !
    • deano
      Final drive Qorokwe:   The obvious destination for the first part of the drive today was the cheetah kill from yesterday and we were a bit surprised to find all three cheetah still there - no hassle from other predators which would have been expected given that we knew there were hyena and lions in the area. Unfortunately, too dark for pictures at that hour. It was still very dark when we left the cheetah kill and Alan did not use the light at all while we were there so not only no pictures but I couldn't even rescue the grainy and dark iPhone footage I took but sometimes it is best to just remember the sighting and leave the animals to do their thing.   Alan speculated that the hyena were busy at what was to be our next sighting and we set off to  a spot not far from this one. Some early morning twisted tree photography to set the mood.     Told you it was dark and this is after we left the cheetah that morning.     Another spooky looking tree and this one had some vultures in it. Alan primed us that we would be on the scene of a macabre sighting and given the number of vultures it had to be a kill.       These elephants wandered through so maybe not a lion kill?     More vultures so likely a big animal.     Some kudu checking us out before we drove in to the sighting.     It turned out to be dead giraffe. It had died naturally although sadly while giving birth and the fetus was about 200 yards away from the mother. This explained not only the vultures but also the hyena who had decided that this was an easy meal for them and it had kept them occupied for a few days already and given the cheetah a chance to feast on their dead impala at Porcupine City.   At first glance it is hard to see the spotted hyena as the coat pattern is somewhat similar to this light colored giraffe carcass. Also, how do I put it politely, the hyena is stuck up the rear end of the giraffe making it difficult to see where the hyena ends and the giraffe starts? Is that an adequate description? David Attenborough eat your heart out!     There were a few hyena and a few jackal and hardly a skirmish between the two species although, clearly, the hyena ranked highest. Both species took turns to feed and were both on the look-out for presumably lions.       See that depression under the giraffe? The hyena dug that out to get better access to the carcass. Amazingly clever animals.     We figured her to be the dominant female as all the other scattered when she bowled in. The jackals didn't seem to mind though.       As more jackals arrived though they did start to tangle with each other. A lot of food here and they all wanted some for sure.     Yes - that lump in the carcass is the hyena inside the body cavity.     Jackal and spotted hyena feeding together although to be fair the hyena probably has no clue the jackal is there (this image from my Flickr account to test for any future trip reports I do - definitely better image quality than the resized images via my Mac).     iPhone image as we left the scene. A very unexpected ending to our time at Qorokwe!     Fittingly we got to see a nice alive giraffe or two before we left.         And one of my favourite birds...     Yes okay I like zebras as well but why weren't you at Nxai Pan with your mates?     I've said it before and I'll say it again - you have to photograph every LBR that you see.     Our last drink stop and Alan had brought some bubbly which I had a sip of to be sociable and then washed it down with JD.      My battered and dusty gear.     Back at camp we had time to clean up and grab an early brunch and a last coffee on the deck before heading off to the airstrip.             As we flew out over the Delta we knew that we had had a great time in Botswana and that this trip had just reinforced what we already knew - we love Africa and can't wait to be back!     Video to complete the trip report. Mrs. deano has a habit of zooming in on her iPhone and the hyena footage is a bit blocky as a result but since it is the only footage I have then that also makes it the best footage that I have!     That's a wrap for this report. Thanks again for all the reads, likes and comments and please remember to sleep well and dream of Africa. Until next time.   Pula.   Kind regards   deano.
    • deano
      Before I finish this report my OCD half needs to say thank you to those that commented so...thank you all.   @madaboutcheetah yes that is the spot; more dry than wet at the Southern end but still Delta and everything that comes with that location. I think Qorokwe is one to watch and in a couple of years and with a couple more roads and tracks to get about the huge traverse it will be a top location if you ask me. Not many places at that price point have full baths either and Mrs. deano loved it for that. I am keen to see if they develop a second camp on that big open area we went to.   and @Caracal - I was glad to get the cheetah calling on video - I am sure a few folks will be surprised by the sound they make. I would love to join you on that deck overlooking the waterhole; memories such as these make the time between safaris more bearable don't they?   @BRACQUENE - you are welcome; I would love to see a cheetah family on a termite mound with a nice clean background and golden light..............   And @Biko I am happy that you got the point of this report - a lot going on in the world and we all have different stuff to deal with and I am happy to have provided an Africa fix. I enjoy making the videos and toyed with the idea of a camcorder for my next trip  (they are compact, great zoom, great wide angle, decent audio and half decent controls) but I will buy a second DSLR and carry on with my iPhone and GoPro with the odd bit of DSLR thrown in. One more video to come for this trip to wrap it up.   And last but by no means least @Towlersonsafari - those tents are more than adequate and sleeping at night with just a  piece of mesh between you and the wilds is amazing. One night in Moremi I woke up and watched a dark shape outside the tent not 10 feet from where I was and tried to make out what it was. It moved like a hyena and just before it moved off into the bush across a fallen tree I swear it turned to watch me....and sure enough when I went to check the next day there were hyena tracks everywhere. Have I mentioned that I....... haven't forgotten how rainy it can get in England! Hope you find some nice weather soon to get out in the great outdoors  - unless you fancy a socially distanced visit to the pub of course.   Thanks again.   Kind regards   deano.
    • TonyQ
      @Kitsafari @JohnR amazing garden sighting!    
    • Peter Connan
      Thank you very much for a colorful and interesting report!
    • Peter Connan
      The big risk of the single long exposure is if somebody wanders through your shot with his torch on. Since that didn't happen to you, no problem.   But for future reference, set the camera for it's longest programable exposure, and to take photos as nearly continuously as you can.
    • Tdgraves
      I think it was a steenbok, but even with bins, it was really hard to tell   Thanks. I would have tried your technique, but I hadn't read up on how often you need to take shots to then stack them, so I had to go with the old fashioned long exposure! you can see the camp lights of Two Rivers and Twee Rivieren in the middle
    • Peter Connan
      Jackal?   Really nice star trail.
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