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    • inyathi
      @Galana    Yes of course, I should have paid closer attention to your wording,  because my initial thought was that you were probably in Uganda, and Cassin's spinetail only has a fairly limited distribution in Uganda, now that that minor confusion over your clue, has been cleared up, I will go with what I was actually thinking, since it neatly fits your latest clue and say is it a chestnut wattle-eye?  
    • Galana
      Yes. What I actually said was."   This does not mean their range may not overlap elsewhere. I don't know if this is a unique feature but I cannot think of another bird species with a name that contains the names of two perennial plants.
    • Galana
      We all have different standards and abilities in this game. As frequently said before it is for everyone and hopefully can be fun as well as instructive without dumbing down to a simple child's game of Happy Families of perfect portraits matching an artist's impression in a field guide. Photo quality depends largely on the type of photography and birding one does. I don't set forth with a minor expedition for a Hollywood style stage managed production of floodlights, sound, focus pullers and rostrum cameras to obtain a tack sharp well lit portrait of a  well known bird. My humble efforts are often obtained whilst peering through foliage in thick forest in less than ideal lighting with one hand holding a modest camera whilst struggling to maintain balance on an uneven mud and wet grass slope. So you get the best there is and must go with that as nothing better is on offer.  
    • Zim Girl
      Thank you.  Walking is good for them (well that's what I tell myself), sitting in one position for too long makes them ache a lot.
    • Peter Connan
      Thanks @Tdgraves, @xelasand @Galana   Tracy, no no Greater Blue-eared.   Now, this is a bit weird because I am showing the pictures in a sort of a reverse order, but I did not take them in reverse order. You may have noticed that a few of the photos have dates in February. I have been to this property twice this year, and the first time (which was just a weekend in Feb) I got a pretty nice portrait of Grey-headed Sparrow, so when I was there in August, I didn't take any shots of those, as the opportunities presented were all inferior to that first photo.   A long-winded way of saying Grey-headed is coming up later. Cape also, but that was taken here at home after the hard drive failure.
    • Biko
      being back in Africa, feeling the warm sun, being in SNLP with the kindest people,  I dream of this. Enjoying your TR very much.
    • ElenaH
      I felt the same, you've got the point exactly. Sometimes I even felt like being guilty that I could manage it to SLNP and others not and becasue there were only a few tourists... and local people were without work. I hope, it will change soon. Excellent photo of Lapwing! I like giraffe photos and especially silhouettes! And Long Pool .. yes, it is like a Long Pool, definitely! 
    • janzin
      That's a very interesting and excellent shot of the Lapwing. I never knew they had spurs on the wings like that! I will have to research that a bit.  
    • Pictus Safaris
      Thanks @michael-ibk, glad you're enjoying the TR so far. I'm certainly enjoying sorting through old photos! It's difficult to appreciate the diversity of antelope species whilst in Gorongosa, what with all the waterbuck around, but looking back there was always a nice mix of Sable, Reedbuck, Nyala, Impala, Bushbuck and Kudu around.     Thanks @ElenaHYes, Lake Urema is large, and stretches probably 3-4 km across at that point, but shrinks in drier years. It's truly massive after cyclones hit, I'm told! Directly across from our morning coffee spot was the distant sight of Mt Gorongosa, so it was a nice outlook. The diversity of the vegetation is hugely impressive, and certainly keeps you entertained even when sightings are slow. By this stage of the trip I would normally be throwing everything into seeing the Wild Dogs, but in Gorongosa it was simply a privilege to be able to traverse the park each day.
    • inyathi
      @GalanaThe only problem I have with this offering is I don't know what it is, and it really annoys me because I feel certain I should know what it is, both photos should offer enough to have a stab at an ID, initially I moved away from Africa having not found anything much that looked good, but then I did do any better with Asia or South America, which took me back to Africa, the clue about Cassin's spinetail made me question that a bit, but perhaps you meant a part of Africa outside of its range rather than not in Africa. At the moment I'm still a bit confused, because I might suggest it could be a wattle-eye, but I'm not certain of that or sure which one if doesn't overlap with Cassin's spinetail, so I don't quite know but it's clearly tropical from the foliage I think but it doesn't call to mind any Neotropical species that I can think of, so I think then we are in Africa, basically I'm a bit
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