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The 4L's Go Hunting & the lady from NUST arrives

David Youldon


Between them, Lokothula, Langa, Ltalo & Landela went into this Night Encounter with some serious form: Langa has already killed a baboon, Ltalo has taken three birds, a rabbit and an impala, Landela killed a rabbit, two duiker and an impala and Loko has taken a baboon, two warthog and a buffalo.

And they are only 21 months old.

This was the first time all four had been taken out together, and in fact was Langa's first night encounter.

The boys all worked well together on a number of chases, but at one point Landela took off away from the others and went into deep cover for twenty minutes.

In the darkness, away from the vehicle or his brothers he made the kill; his first wildebeest.

This is Landela's fifth kill now and gives him a success rate of 45%, second only to Amy at 50%. However, if we give him a success rate based on any lion within his group making a kill, then he is at an astounding 82% success rate.

The boys have many more Night Encounters ahead of them - watch this space to see if they can continue this impressive run.

To sponsor either Ltalo, Landela, Langa or Lokothula for £10 per month please email us at alert@africanencounter.org. OR, why not sponsor ALL FOUR for only £20 per month.

Also, starting today for a period of four days CCWA is hosting an independent researcher from NUST, the National University of Science & Technology. Studying for a BSc in Forestry and Wildlife Management the study will look at behaviours in our cubs compared to those held in captivity at other programs to see what effect the behavioural enrichment given to our cubs, such as being taken out on walks, has on their behaviours. The cubs will be observed out on walks, during feeding and also in their enclosures.

Under scrutiny are Echo, Etosha, Msasa, Luangwa, Lina & Lungile.


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