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Kruger National Park - Self Drive


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Good question. I leave it to others to answers. Don't want to spoil their research.


Please note that I've edited the very first post on this thread to include a few links to information that might be valuable when planning your trips. Things like gate and camp opening times, driving distances (from airports & also internally between camps); also a link to the SANPARKS website when wanting to book a trip or view what accommodation is available.


Good luck with planning or refining your trips. Any question that helps you plan a trip is a good question. Best to do your homework unlike some of the Aussie cricketers.

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@@ice ,sorrrrrryyyyyy did not know it was a competition??


don't worry, my comment was meant as a joke ;-)

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Eagle Owl

Hi Kavita,


Hopefully Tshokwane is in good repair as it's a good half way point for a relaxed stop. Just have an eye open for the monkeys that have been known to pinch a morsel or two from an unwatched plate. If you fancy a breakfast wrap then you might be tempted to rub shoulders with the masses at the Skukuza tourist trap. But it does go down a treat.

That reminds me, was sat having a spot of lunch at Tshokwane 18 months ago and watched a baboon sat in a tree surveying the picnic benches below. It had its eyes on one bench in particular where a couple were setting up their lunch, he was clearly waiting for the guy to leave because as soon as he returned to his car to get some more food the baboon stuck. He shot down the tree and snatched a plastic food container from under the nose of the lady which looked like it had chicken it in and shot back up to the top of the tree where he proceeded to bite into the pot and throw the broken pot away and devour the food. Rarely have i seen a less amused couple. .

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Thanks a lot Riaanf31 and ice for your tips. We have been to Kruger once, a long time ago. That was our very first trip to Africa so was a bit overwhelming! Now, after a dozen or so trips to Africa and almost a decade later, we are returning to Kruger and will be taking our parents with us. So overwhelming logistics :)

I am sure I will come back here with more questions in the next few days.

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We just came back from a trip to KNP. Thanks @@ice and @@Riaanf31 for your tips! We had a fantastic trip. We spent 5 nights in Kruger, going from south to the north of the park. All the logistics of the trip for 6 people self-driving, worked out to be perfect. We really enjoyed cooking brunch everyday at a different picnic site.

Flood damage is evident in the north of the park, especially around Shingawedzi.


We didn't see any cats but highlights included - a herd of 1000+ buffalo crossing the road, a huge black mamba on the road, a clan of 9 hyena on the road, wild cat and genete in the camp, a huge bull elephant walking in the middle of the road for almost 2km . All of this with hardly any vehicle around.


We really enjoyed the freedom of self-driving. It was reassuring to know that you don't have to break the bank every time you want to experience the bush!

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glad you had such a great trip - I myself have just returned as well, but with more luck than you regarding the predators

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