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Some photos from India


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As I've variously mentioned I was in India in early January, visiting Tadoba, Pench, and Kanha.


I've finally got round to up-loading some images from that trip which you can see at http://safaritalk.net/gallery/album/839-india-tadoba-pench-kanha/.


Here are some highlights to whet your appetites:


Young tigress in Tadoba.




Crested Serpent Eagle on a bad hair day




Green bee-eater posing








Rutting barasingha




I went for the medium image size here - you can find a larger format in the gallery if you so choose.



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Beautiful pictures, love your butterflies especially. And I´m quite convinced we saw exactly the same openbill in exactly the same place. I take it this particular shot was taken in Kanha, the little pond on the right to the road heading to the picnic site? He really does seem to like that tree. :)

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@@michael-ibk, it depends on which openbill picture you mean: The one in the tree was taken at Kanha, but the one that is stalking through tall grass is from Tadoba.


I didn't quite think through my tagging system (and was a bit disappointed that my Lightroom tags don't get re-used, as they do for example in flick-r), because I should have included the location in the tags. Images are from Tadoba up to the first openbill, then there's a few from Pench (to the loopy langur), and the rest was taken either inside Kanha or just outside it.


I really enjoyed the butterflies! I didn't manage to see all that many birds in the breaks between drives, but the butterflies were pretty cooperative.

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Very beautiful pictures, Andrea. The rutting barasingha is outstanding.

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@@michael-ibk, you're right about that one! We must have passed that spot at least once a day...


We only had two drives in Pench (because of the increased closure times - instead of one afternoon a week, a whole day a week, after the Supreme Court judgement). It's a nice park landscape wise (the forest is open, there's a big lake at the `end of the road'. I got the impression it's actually quite small, and tiger sightings aren't regular. I think it was on the itinerary because it's comparatively close to Nagpur, and breaks up the drive to Kanha.


On our first drive we were chasing a reported tiger sighting from the previous day, never saw the tiger, but I got the impression we were moving fairly fast, without stopping too much, because of this. In the afternoon we were meandering more, saw some good birds (nightjar, Indian scops owl) and it was also the only place we saw jackal. We also sort of saw chousingha (only sighting of the trip), but that was such a brief glimpse that I don't consider myself as having seen that!


There are two major routes which end up at the big lake, and I got the impression that there are limited minor tracks available to deviate from those routes. So everybody has to take those routes, ending up at the lake. The forest is mostly sal, and doesn't have a lot of understorey, which is nice.


@@Sangeeta thanks for your kind words.

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I was in India this past April 2013 and here are a few of my favorite photos...





























And becuase I have to end wtih a tiger photo...


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I was going to say the same thing! What a great bear photo!!

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I was going to say the same thing! What a great bear photo!!

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Love the jungle cat.. while not very uncommon their shy nature make them difficult to come across.



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Thanks all. I was very lucky with both the bear and the jungle cat. In the right place at the right time with no other cars around to scare them away...it's too bad there was some foliage between the bear and me, but I've decided that is a natural part of taking photos of wildlife in India.

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Love your pics. We are sneaking in two days at Ranthambhore next Feb hoping to see a tiger. The rest of the trip will be to see India, rather than safari.

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~ @@CarrieT


What deeply saturated red!

If I saw them on a tree trunk, the sight would stop me.

I'm so grateful that you took the photograph and shared it here on Safaritalk.

Tom K.

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