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A Plea For Help in Central African Republic

Nature Traveler

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Nature Traveler

Sorry gang, this is not a trip report. As most of us are aware, there has been a very tragic turn of events in CAR and the revolution that resulted in a change in power there has also resulted in a situation of utter chaos in some of the more remote regions of the country. In the past few weeks, poaching has been happening unchallenged in Dzanga Bai and other areas where just a few months ago, wildlife was flourishing. The local WWF and NGOs are pleading for help to get the word out of the situation with the hopes that NGO's and other governmental organizations can put pressure on the CAR government to put a stop to the horror. IF any of you have such contacts (sadly I do not), please forward this information. Perhaps together we can make a difference. I just don't know what else to try. This is heartbreaking.


Here is the most recent communication I have received from CAR:


(From Rod Cassidy, the owner and operator of Sangha Lodge)

My Abridged and poor translation of the letter from our national Director In the Dzanga Sangha. Tragic news indeed!!!!!!!!

I wish to inform you of bad news Bayanga. After poaching in and around Yaloka the Sudanese poachers have Left yaloka and entered Dzanga Sangha and are now camped at Dzanga Bai. The cost of this to... the park is immeasurable as they are there with the sole intention of killing elephants. They arrived at the Bai yesterday 06/05/2013 to 13 00 Hrs.
Gunshots were heard throughout the night. The situation is very worrying for the future of Dzanga bai,, Dzanga Sangha National park and one of the youngest World heritage sites.
What proposed solution? The Government is aware of the current situation.
Please put pressure on the part NGOs and going for partners can be save the situation.
I'm waiting for feedback from each other in the day.
National Expert of APDS


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Safari Cal

Having read the interview with Nick Brandt on this website, he seems to be doing an amazing job with his Big Life Foundation, does this seem like something that the Foundation would get involved with... to at least get it some media coverage?


Sadly, I have no contacts in that area :(

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Thanks for reaching out with this, Nature Traveler. I couldn't find any more recent news--either bad or good. Not sure what is happening now. Very depressing and devastating.

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