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Masai Mara - Report series 2004


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I realise that this trip report is old however I am a new member and decided to post.



Kenya Masai Mara Report ( 2004 ) Part 1.

It was migration time in the Masai Mara, on this , my one and only visit to Kenya.

An uneventful flight from London Heathrow to Nairobi and the obligatory transfer to the Norfolk Hotel. A luxury beacon in expanding Nairobi. Good location and within easy reach of the suburb of Karen, the home of the Karen Blixen Museum.

I have to say that the Norfolk seems to have lost some of its old world charm which would have been experienced by President Theodore Roosevelt when he stayed there in 1909 before commencing his East African safari complete with 250 porters and guides. Nevertheless a great place to stay with an authentic vibrant bar.

Couldn't sleep, wouldn't sleep. Today was “the” day when we would fly from Wilson Airport, Nairobi to the magnificent Mara. A slightly turbulent journey of 45 minutes and then our scenic descent to the dusty airstrip near to Little Governors Camp. We had arrived and caught our first glimpse of the Masai dressed in red against the back drop of the Mara’s rolling plains which seem to whisper come hither and stay.

A 15 minute journey followed in open land cruiser to Little Governors Camp river crossing. On route I saw my first elephant, wilderbeest, water buck, giraffe, a mischevious troop of baboon and impala ( later to be affectionately known as " cheetah macdonalds " ) This was indeed African heaven.


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Next time you visit the Mara, try out the balloon ride. It is an awesome sight seeing the thousands of wildebeest and other wildlife below

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Love trip reports. Keep it up.

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Masai Mara ( Part 2 )


Took a very short boat trip across the river to a pathway. Destination, Little Governors Camp. Wow. I had never seen such a peaceful and serene scene. Several green tents situated on the periphery of a marsh fringed with trees and grasses. And they were – A herd of elephants feeding accompanied by buffalo and majestic giraffe. In the distance to my left, I could see an escarpment and flat plains of green and yellow grasses – lion and cheetah country I thought.


This was to be our home for the next 5 nights and very glad I was too. 3 game drives a day here at approximately – 06:00, 11:00, 15:30 and sumptuous meals. Each game drive produced great siting’s including a wildebeest river crossing, lions mating, a cheetah and her mischievous cubs, rhino, a mock elephant charge, buffalo and an unsuccessful lion hunt. No leopard siting unfortunately.


We quickly ticked off the big 5. I began to realise however that a safari is more, much more than this. For me it’s about viewing the cycle of life on the great plains of Africa, without imposed morality, against the back drop and ambiance of the worlds most picturesque canvas. A bold statement I know but I thinks it’s true. Bearing in mind of course that I had not travelled to Botswana’s glorious Okavango Delta at this stage of my love affair with Africa.


The times spent soaking up the atmosphere of Little Governors camp and associated activities would be surpassed on this our final full day.


We experienced a balloon flight over the Masai Mara. It departed from the rear of Little Governors Camp and ascended silently into the soft dawn light. The peaceful quiet briefly interrupted by the occasional noise of the burner. There is nothing to surpass the tranquility of drifting silently in the wind, across the plains and tree canopies filled with chattering monkeys. And if that was not enough, to our right the sun began to peak above the escarpment to hasten the start of a new African day. A champagne breakfast was to greet us at the end of the flight but not before we had viewed impala, a family of giraffe in a forest clearing and the spectacular scene of 2 hyenas scattering a herd of wildebeest.


Life back here in blighty never seems quite the same anymore.

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@@Adam I have merged the two sections of your Mara 2004 trip report. You can continure to add to the story by replying in this thread.


Great story so far and it is magical to relive those early Africa wildlife experiences is isn't it? . I am sure everyone is enjoying it, so keep it coming.


Love your comment 'Life back here in blighty.....................etc'; I know that feeling. :)

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