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Yellowstone - June 2013


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As a new member, I thought I better build up some credit since by sharing my knowledge on Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. I will undoubtedly have tons of questions for the knowledgable folks on this forum for my future trip plans. So, hopefully I can return the favor if anyone has any questions about these parks.


Yellowstone and Grand Teton are wonderful places to visit for wildlife watchers. Both parks are very easy to do on your own in a rental car although hiring a private guide for a day or two worked out really well for us this past trip since we got access to private land and hidden wildlife this way (Fox den and a Great Gray Owl nest)


Here is a link to my trip report from June 2013 (which starts in Idaho):




You can even view archived trip reports if you are so inclined. I think I have around 4 or 5 for Yellowstone and Grand Teton.


Here are a few teaser pictures to give you an overview of the trip:


Lamar Valley:








American Bison:




Cinnamon Black Bear:




American Avocet:




Underwater Otter:




Bearthooth Highway Vista:




Yellow-bellied Marmot:




Great Gray Owl:




Red Fox:


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Great pictures - the park looks beautiful

I have read page 1 of your report and am hooked - you obviously go there a lot!

I will return later and read the rest with pleasure

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I love Yellowstone, and Teton is one of the most beautiful places on earth ( not that I've seen every place on earth).


The great gray owl is a special sighting.

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I would like to learn a little more about where the private guide can take you. I've always done the parks on my own.

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Yellowstone is a wonderful park, I only had a week, but was out from dawn to dusk every day and we saw loads! :)

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Thanks everyone.


Pangolin, the locals have a bit of a network of information on seasonal locations like den site, nest sites, etc. So, it can be worthwhile hiring a local guide to take you to these places especially if they are on private land. Of course, that can change year to year. PM me and I can give you the contact info for the guide I use. He lives in Silver Gate and would be a good person to check with prior to your next visit in case there is some "hidden" wildlife he might know about.


Also, there is a very active Yellowstone forum that has great information about the park including the latest sightings: http://forums.yellowstone.net/


Hope that helps



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Great shots. The underwater otter is a cool perspective!

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