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Zimbabwe 3 weeks april & may 2014 - Need Advice


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We are planning a trip to Zimbabwe in April/ May 2014. We have about 21 days to travel and wanted to focus now on the Eastern Highlands and the Zambezi river area (Mana Pools etc.) We will travel with two fully equiped 4WDs. Information on nice offroad routes and campings is very welcome. We've been travelling through Namibia, Botswana and Zambia before, never been in Zimbabwe. Any tips are welcome. thanks in advance. regards, Luc

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@@Landyluke, first of all welcome, and secondly as Matt says, if you need help / advice re. visiting Mana (and if you are travelling through Zim, you really must!) just shout and I will be happy to help.


A couple of tips re diving through Zim,,,the first I am sure you are aware of having travelled previously in Africa - avoid travelling after dark, animals and unlit broken down vehicles are a menace (drivers of a broken down articulated truck will warm of its presence with a few broken twigs laid in the road 50-100 years before you get to the vehicle...this really doesn't work well after dark!) Secondly, unfortunately, over the last few years, police road blocks, both official and unofficial have become increasingly common. The police will want to check your paperwork - ensure you have it to hand - and will look over your vehicle looking for reasons to impose a 'fine' (typically US$10-$20). Read up on the requirements for cars/trucks in ZIm - there are some odd regs - a fire extinguisher (fair enough) but it must be on display; reflective disks (in addition to those fitted to the car by the manufacturer as part of the light clusters) front and rear; most recently, reflective strips down the full length of the vehicle sides....the list goes on and on! One way or another...they will find a problem. It could easily become annoying, but getting angry will do nothing to ease your progress. Just keep things light-hearted, pay the fine and go on your way.

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Doug Macdonald

Hi Luc

I hope I can be of some assistance to you as I do live here in Zimbabwe. What would help is where you will becoming into Zimbabwe and where you plan departing from. If you are planning to have the whole experience as a self catering camping or would you like it interspersed with a few camps / lodges on route. You have mentioned the Eastern Highlands and Mana Pools is that what you would only like to focus on or would you like some suggestions for other places..

Hope I can help out.



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You could have a look at the Zimbabwe section of my trip report to whet your appetite for Mana Pools ... what an awesome place! Returning again this year for another self drive - and I have @@Doug Macdonald to thank for his assistance!



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