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Impending trip report. South Africa and Botswana...

Game Warden

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(But first I have to complete the Kenya report here...)


However: my itinerary...


25th April. Arrive Joburg. Meet with @. Drive to John Hume's ranch and overnight with him.

26th April. From John Hume's farm drive to Botswana.

26th April to 30th April. Limpopo Lipadi Game Reserve.

30th April. Drive from Botswana to Lapalala Wilderness and visit the Wilderness School. Overnight in at Lapalala.

1st May. Lapalala drive to Joburg, fly to Cape Town.

2nd May. WTM Africa, Cape Town. Dinner with John Hanks, first Exec. director of the Peace Parks Foundation.

3rd May. WTM Africa, Cape Town. Dinner with Simon Espley, Africa Geographic.

4th May. We are Africa's Conservation Lab. Cape Town.

5th-8th May. We are Africa, Cape Town.

9th May. Cape Town to PE to meet Garnet Cantor, overnight with Ayesha Cantor at Kragga Kamma.

10th May. PE to Pietermaritzburg. Meet with Ron Thomson en route, overnight in Pietermaritzburg.

11th May. Hilton: small conservation roundtable inc rhino conservation and sustainable use as discussion points. Overnight in Pietermaritzburg.

12th May. To Durban, couple of hours at Indaba before flying back to the HQ via Durban, Joburg and Dubai.


To be continued...

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I'd chastise you for a backlog but I think I'll be guilty myself. It's great you are stacking up the trips. Reports in good time.

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Visit to Limpopo Lipadi can be found here.


Visit to the Lapalala Wilderness School can be found here.


Exploring the San Bushman Cave Paintings of Lapalala can be found here.

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Thanks for update. I was just wondering where all of your adventures were as I wade through the many interesting reports that were posted while I was attending to dull matters that sucked up my ST time.

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My overview of the We Are Africa show in Cape Town can be found here.


Read more about my visit to John Hume's ranch here.

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