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Moli Magic in Mpululu

Zim Girl

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@@Zim Girl



Somehow I missed your last installment with Moli and Noelle. Your report brought back many special memories, and you are quite correct....to be able to amble throughout the day walking brings such another element to a "safari". It truly converted our stye of safari; and we cannot conceive of NOT walking while in the bush. Touching the trees, picking a flower, feeling the earth beneath your feet; walking in and out of water; sitting on the ground and observing -makes me smile to remember.


And Moli and his grilling expertise..What a hoot he is. He and Noelle sure do make you feel like family and our seven nights were not enough; I would have loved 12, including the flycamps you were able to enjoy.


Thoroughly enjoyed your adventure, but more so very happy YOU did as well, as I highly recommended Kichaka last year after our short 7 day expedition. I truly wish we had added nights, but as the 3rd guests we were then the longest staying couple!


So happy they have continued sucesses and are able to add more on, like the flycamp adventure.


Thanks for sharing yours with all of us.

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Your photos and stories will convince everyone what a beautiful and special place Ruaha is. I have long since been convinced, but I still found some wonderful new things following your report. And you had those lovely blue skies and that glowing Ruaha light - wonderful. I will definitely read this all again.

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Thank you very much @@pault


I am looking forward to reading your Ruaha report.

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I saw the hippo, I saw the hippo amongst the boulders!


Interesting how close you got to the dik dik. If the lion cubs popped out right in front of you, those adults could have been as close to you as the dik dik, just hidden in the grass and brush. Wow!


The nursing ele was practically in your lap. It seems the wildlife in Ruaha is as comfortable with people on foot in this area as they are with people in vehicles.


The landscapes are really exceptional and add to the intrigue of Ruaha.

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