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A Cat Trick, A Crossing and a Kill - an Outstanding Opening to a Superb Safari


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Thanks @@pault - glad you enjoyed the report!

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Wow, what a fantastic trip report! And the photos are great. Thank you for taking the time to write it.


Your friend really did have an amazing first day on safari. And a seond, and a third, and a...... :)

Loved your description of plate grasping whilst speeding to the crossing point, made me chuckle.

I too have a nemsis bird, the Eurasion roller. One guide has christend it 'Carole's bird' and it too flies away whenever I attempt to photograph it.


The lion kill sequence is terrific, flying/leaping servel cat - fab and I am a sucker for a beautiful sunrise/sunset photo and you have a few good 'uns here.


Will be looking at your other trip reports in the future.


One question to you or anyone else that wishes to answer. What is the deal with wild dog dens with pups in them? I've heard and read differing versions: stay away as you will disrupt the pups; ok as long as you are in a vehicle. Is there a definite answer or is it something that varies per country/park?

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Hi Carole,

I don't know of specific "rules" about wild dog dens. We were in a vehicle at all times, and maintained a good distance between us and the den at all times. They didn't seem bothered by us.


And thanks for your comments! Glad you enjoyed!



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Hi Julie, thanks for your reply re the dogs, I had heard/read so many different versions I didn't know what to think!

I forgot to add in my previous reply that I liked the set up of the cars for photography in the Mara. How much use did you make of the housing? If you you used it, did it feel like you were restricted in the shots you could get? Never had a vehicle with one so am curious of other people's experience with them.

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The housing? Do you mean the platform off the side of the vehicle? If so, then yes we used it a lot. Great spot for putting the beanbag on to stable the lens.

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Thank you for the wonderful trip report and the amazing photos. We're headed to Amboseli and to the Mara in June. We're also staying at Tawi so I was very excited to read your report. There are so few reports on Amboseli. Here's hoping we have just a bit of your good luck with Kili...

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