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Show us your archive photos.

Game Warden

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@@Geoff - That crocodile is a dinosaur!
And looking forward to the Kruger slides GW! :D

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Love your evocative photos @@Geoff. They must trigger many great memories.


I'm not familiar with Chizarira NP. I guess I could look it up but can you enlighten me a little.

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@@Caracal Off Topic but here goes...


Chizarira is amongst Zimbabwe's more remote national parks. The terrain is rugged, with spectacular gorges and ephemeral rivers, streams & springs. The scenery is beautiful and the southern areas open up into flood plains with lovely sand rivers such as the Busi river. Unfortunately poaching has been rampant in the park and many areas are now devoid of game. It used to be a stronghold for Black Rhino but by the mid 1990's the animals that had not been poached were captured and relocated to other areas. There is only one lodge in the whole park ~ Chizarira Lodge that sits upon the Zambezi escarpment with spectacular views. All other camps are public campsites with only basic of amenities. The emphasis here is on walking safaris and I've spent many wonderful hours there tracking lion & rhino or sitting in a safe spot watching elephant.

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Thanks @@Geoff. Great description of a park I knew nothing about. Sounds truly wild and spectacular. I gather you've visited the park a number of times.


I'm sure I'm not alone in saying always be interested in seeing more photos of Chizarira if you get the time ( and of course more of any others).

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Most of these pictures were taken by either my Olympus OM-10 (I can't remember the lens that I had) or my brother's Cannon AE1 with 70-210 mm lens. Our best pictures were 'borrowed' by an acquaintance and never returned... Anyway these pics were converted to digital from slides.

Black rhinos, Ngorongoro Crater 1984, i have one with better framing but not in focus


Serengeti 1986 - Cannon AE1
Serengeti 1986
Serengeti near Lobo lodge 1986
Camping near Western Serengeti 1986



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Brings back great memories! Ngorongoro Crater is an amazing place and we were one of only 6 vehicles in the crater that day. Serengeti was slightly more crowded around the Seronera lodge but still would rarely see another vehicle while on safari.

Thanks for posting the pictures. Trying to remember the exact years we visited these parks (84,85 and 86)?

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@@Ayacucho Have you written up a trip report for those 1984/6 safaris? :)

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@@Game Warden I would have to triangulate events with other family members to fill-in my memory gaps for a trip report randomly spanning over three summers (northern hemisphere summers). I may give it a try. :wacko:

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@Ayacucho In my opinion you can leave some gaps and even accidentally combine trips! I think it is conveying the spirit and the feeling that is important after all this time. And of course, a guy apparently going on walking safaris in his underwear (see third picture in 20 January 2014 post by @Geoff) or a deserted crater add to the interest. I guarantee whatever you post I will love it. I've loved every post so far.

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  • 11 months later...

My 23 year safari drought broke in 1996 when I made my second safari.


Kenya (Aberdares, Shaba/Buffalo Springs, Nakuru, Amboseli)

Tanzania (Manyara, Ngorongoro, Serengeti )

Vic Falls, Zimbabwe

Have scanned some photos such as they are – all July 1996.







Buffalo Springs























Zambesi NP Vic Falls




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