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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


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I am new here :) and so glad that I found this forum. I love nature and animals and want to dedicate my life to conserving them/creating awareness. So this is my first post. This is a link to a video clip that I made at the David Sheldrick's Wildlife Trust, I uploaded the video onto youtube. I looove elephants, and I think that all that can be done should be done to save our elephants. Hope you enjoy the video!

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@@wildgiraffe, I love visiting the ellies at Sheldrick and admire their hard work and care for the foster elephants they tend to 24/7.


Thanks for sharing your video,

and Welcome!

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Has anyone watched the Yao Ming documentary on saving elephants -- "Saving Africa's Giants"? He is trying to make a difference in China regarding the import and buying of ivory. The photo of 7'6" Yao with the tiny new ellies at the Sheldrick compound are beyond beautiful.






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:) So... a few photos that I have added of the elephants! post-48820-0-96802500-1416995673_thumb.jpgpost-48820-0-18177200-1416995693_thumb.jpgpost-48820-0-15651800-1416995759_thumb.jpg

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Welcome wildgiraffe!


The Sheldrick Foundation does such fantastic work -- I love that place! The eles look like they're rolling around in milk chocolate at the noon mudbath.


Four Christmases ago I sponsored eles for my niece & nephew and it has now become a tradition.


They love getting their regular updates and my niece is now saving up to join me on a pilgramage to Kenya to see if we can find her ele. ;)


I can't wait to go back!

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THAT :) is sooo awesome KathBC would be so glad to have you around! I try to showcase the importance of wildlife as much as I can... because I believe that without them, we're nothing, as human beings.

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